Understanding Reminder

The Reminder feature in AntMyERP is a notification that pops up in the bottom menu for our users to keep a check on the tasks at hand.


There is no permission required to use the Reminder feature.


Viewing Reminders

Navigate to the bottom menu> Reminder.

The user will see three below mentioned options:

Reminder Activity – The tickets for which the follow up date and time is entered are visible under this tab. The latest reminder will come on the top.

Pending ApprovalsThe service tickets (Proposal, Purchase, Sales Order and Expense Voucher) for which the approval is pending are visible under this tab. 

Note: The Authorization should be on for getting the approval requests. You can refer to the details Settings help document for more information.

Reminder Activity – All the tickets which are either dismissed or snoozed are visible under this tab. 

Note: The follow up date and time should be entered in the ticket for them to be visible under Reminders.


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