FAQ on Stock Transfer


Why Can’t I Move a Serial Number During Stock Transfer in AntMyERP?


Managing Stock Transfer with Quality Check (QC) Status in AntMyERP:

When encountering issues with moving a serial number during stock transfer in AntMyERP, consider the following steps:

Check QC Status: Ensure that the Quality Check (QC) feature is configured in your AntMyERP system.

QC Status Requirement: If the QC feature is enabled, you must first ensure that the QC status for the serial number is marked as “Solved” before proceeding with the stock transfer.

Adjust QC Setting: If you prefer not to use the QC status requirement, you can disable the QC feature.

To do this:

Navigate to “Settings” in AntMyERP. Access “Operations” and locate “Quality Check Feature.”

Toggle the option to enable or disable the QC feature based on your preference.

Save the changes.

By following these steps, you can address the issue of moving a serial number during stock transfer while managing the QC status according to your specific needs in AntMyERP.

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