FAQ on Consumption Report 


How Do I Download the Spare Consumption Report by Account in AntMyERP?


Downloading Spare Consumption Report by Account in AntMyERP:

To download the Spare Consumption Report specific to a client’s account in AntMyERP, follow these steps:

Access Client Details: Log in to your AntMyERP account and navigate to the “Customers” section.

Search and Edit Customers: Locate and select the client for whom you want to generate the report. Edit their details to proceed. Navigate to Contract: Within the client’s profile, find and click on the “Contract” tab to manage contract-related information.

Access Spare Parts: Look for the “Spare Part” section within the contract details and click on it to access spare parts information.

Retrieve Data: The system will display a list of spare parts associated with the selected client’s account, along with their corresponding call numbers.

Generate Report: Depending on the specific functionality available, there might be an option to generate a report directly from this view. Look for a “Download” or “Generate Report” button and select it.

By following these steps, you can obtain a comprehensive Spare Consumption Report specific to the selected client’s account, listing spare parts along with their respective call numbers.


How to Client Toner Report in AntMyERP?


To Check in Clientwise Go to CRM sales/Customer/Search the customer and click on action/Go to Contract/ toner Cartridge.you will get the toner data

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