FAQ on Delivery Management


Viewing Pending Delivery Challans in AntMyERP’s Delivery Register


It appears that you have provided instructions on how to view a pending list in the delivery challan register within AntMyERP. If you’re looking for a pending list in the delivery challan register, you can follow the steps you’ve mentioned:

Login to AntMyERP: Log in to your AntMyERP account using your credentials.

Navigate to Delivery Register: Go to the “Operation” or “Delivery Register” section of the software. This is where you manage or track your delivery challans.

View Pending List: By default, you might see a list of all delivery challans, including both completed and pending ones. To view only the pending challans, you mentioned that you should remove the tick (checkmark) from “My Challan” and then perform a search or refresh.

a. Look for a checkbox or option labeled “My Challan.”

b. Uncheck this option to remove the tick (checkmark).

c. Perform a search or refresh the page to apply the filter.

View Pending Challans: After removing the tick from “My Challan” and searching, the software should display a list of pending delivery challans only. These are the challans that have not yet been completed or fulfilled.


How to Add Docket Number in Outward Challan in AntMyERP?


To add a docket number to an outward challan in AntMyERP, follow these steps:

Login: Log in to your AntMyERP account using your credentials.

Navigate to Delivery Register: From the left menu, click on “Operation” and then select “Delivery Register.”

View Pending Tab: Within the Delivery Register, go to the “Pending” tab. This is where you’ll find the listing of pending outward challans.

Select Challan: From the list of pending challans, find and select the specific challan to which you want to add the docket number.

Action Buttons: Once you’ve selected the challan, action buttons should appear. Look for an option that says “Confirm Dispatch” or a similar label. Click on this option to proceed.

Add Courier Details: After confirming the dispatch, you’ll likely have the option to add courier details. This is where you’ll input the docket number.

Enter Docket Number: Within the courier details section, locate the field designated for the docket number. Enter the relevant docket number associated with the dispatch.

Save Changes: After entering the docket number, ensure that you save the changes to the challan.

Complete the Process: Depending on the software’s workflow, you may need to follow additional steps or confirmations to finalize the addition of the docket number.

Review and Verification: Double-check the challan details to make sure the docket number has been successfully added.

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