Understanding Delivery Management

The Delivery Management/ delivery register feature in AntMyERP helps to track the delivery status of a product. This helps to keep a check on the logistics and supply chain management.



Navigate to Settings > Users & Roles.

Select the employee or group you want to give delivery supply chain Permission to and scroll to the right.

Select Edit option from the Action dropdown menu.

Enable the permission Manage Delivery Register.

Click on Save.


Tracking Delivery Process

Navigate to Left Menu > Operation > Delivery Register.

All outward challan whether manual or automated in ERP will be displayed under the Pending tab.

Click on the View icon to see the products added to a particular order.

For initiating a delivery, scroll to the right of the desired product and click on Action> Confirm Dispatch.

Delivery Type pop-up window will appear. Enter the details in the mandatory fields and click on Save.

After saving it an email will be sent to the customer with all the delivery details so that the customer can also track the delivery.

Note: There are two options for Delivery Type- hand held and courier.


In-Transit Delivery

The In-transit tab lists all the products that are sent for delivery. This means that the courier is on its way but has not reached the customer yet.

Once it is delivered to the customer, either we take the courier company’s acknowledgement by going to its website or the person who went to give the hand delivery brings you an acknowledged challan. The courier print can be taken by clicking on Action > Courier Print.

In case the courier company refuses to take the courier, the consignment can be taken back by clicking on Action> Back to pending. This can be given to the other courier company later.

You can scan the same and click on the Upload option under the Action dropdown. Click on the Upload Challan option. 

This will still show under the In-transit tab. 

Choose the product again. Scroll to the right and select Action > Deliver. 

In the Please Confirm pop-up window, enter the details and click on Save.

This will bring the product details under the Delivered tab.

Note: The confirmation of the delivered product can be sent to the customer from Action> Download. This serves as a proof of delivery.

The delivery tab shows all the delivered consignments. 

The Edited tab shows all the changes (if done) for the consignment.


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