SCM in IT Industry

Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM) involves the functions of sourcing, materials management, operations planning, distribution, logistics, retail, demand forecasting, order fulfilment, and more.

The integrated and automated process of the Sales and Service helps in a fast and accurate supply chain process and reduces the procurement time for effective sales execution.

SCM in IT Industry


Manage Logistics partners and vendors effectively with the Service ERP in one place. Planning of cost effective and budget friendly partners can be done through the supply chain management software.

You can plan your vendor partners, and your logistics partners with the Field Service Management software, AntMyERP. You can systematically manage them, their contacts, and their contracts. You can schedule your tasks in the software so that things are done on time and you can ensure the best budget logistics partners for yourself.

You can add as many vendors, companies, or sourcing partners, which are readily available for use while executing any sales. With the Service ERP, you never lose sight of any operational activities and each process is under your control. 

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The integrated and automated supply chain management software, AntMyERP, helps in timely procurement of the materials for quick sales order execution.

The field service management software has automated Purchase, sales, and service which is effectively reflected in the inventory and supply chain processes. The order summary gives clarity on the order received and the current availability of stock for order execution. It facilitates quick purchases from the appropriate vendors for fast sales order delivery.

The service ERP gives the features of multiple quotations comparison and analysis for best procurement. You get accurate visibility of the required materials for procurement and can plan your sourcing needs accordingly. 

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The Supply chain and operations software makes the bundling of Spare Parts much more easier and convenient. Through the Supply Chain ERP,  you can easily manage the purchase of these bundled products and manage their sales or rent.

All spare parts of the bundled product can be effectively tracked and maintained. The team can have accurate visibility of the spares taken inward for assembling or for repair purposes. The operations and supply chain team gets alerts for the material received inward for repair or assembling and they also get alert for any outward for customer delivery or vendor repair. Thus, bundled products can be very easily managed through Service ERP, AntMyERP.

Delivery and Logistics

The supply chain ERP allows you to manage logistics partners for the customer order deliveries. The service CRM software tags each product with unique serial number and every product purchase is tracked effectively. You can scan devices through a barcode scanner, print barcodes and manage the customers delivery. Hence there is no need for external software to print barcodes. In a similar way, the dispatch and delivery can be managed and tracked easily with AntMyERP. You can easily check the stocks status, their location, their movement history.

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The supply chain ERP maintains all the inward challans, the outward challans, and the pending pick-up register for devices sold, repaired, replaced or pending for pickup after contract expiration.  The Service ERP automatically creates an inward challan for the devices which are purchased. The user can also manually create an inward challan for material received for repair or return. In a similar way, any order ready for execution creates an automatic outward challan. Hence the operations and the logistics team can have complete visibility of the devices to be outwarded or taken inward. 

Delivery Register

Accurately manage and track your Assets deliveries. The supply chain ERP maintains records of the devices sent out for delivery to the client, vendor, supplier, or in any branch. Get visibility of the devices pending customer delivery. Similarly, you have complete information on devices in transit with information about the shipping carriers or delivery executives handling the product delivery. You can also have delivery reports which can be uploaded as proof of delivery and can be seen with their status of delivery, either hand-delivered or courier delivered.

Stock Transfer

Through the Service CRM, you can track and see the stocks which are transferred from one branch or location to another branch or location. You get different search criteria for searching devices being transferred. You can create a stock transfer for various products and can view the reports. This makes the operation team have visibility of each and every device with their exact location and movement history. This also helps in accurate inventory management and asset management.


The supply chain ERP effectively manages the return of a device for repair or replacement. You can accurately manage vendor replacement and customer replacement for any serial number device with track of the old device and new device if replaced.

The material return management is effectively managed with the field service management software. The device returned could be for repair or for replacement. The Service ERP helps manage each process of return effectively and accurately. You can create a manual inward challan for devices returned back for repair.

After the quality check, the device is sent for repair/ replacement and the entire process is tracked into the system. You can manage customer replacement and vendor replacement very effectively with AntMyERP.

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You can easily integrate AntMyERP with your logistics platform, which helps enhance your efficacy in logistics management.

You can very easily integrate any logistics API with AntMyERP. Tracking your dispatched material till its delivery becomes seamless and easy with this integration. You can manage many logistics companies or shipping carriers through the API integration at the same time and track the exact delivery status. You can anytime check and update your client on the same. 


Each module in AntMyERP is interlinked with each other to provide you with automated and accurate data for the supply chain. The software automates your process to reduce manual tasks and increase performance.  Once the dispatch is done, the software automatically shares the delivery update with the users.

The software creates automatic installation tickets immediately after the product delivery and the tickets get assigned to the service engineers for installation. Thus, the time spent on the supply chain activities is reduced to a huge extent with the use of AntMyERP. You can ensure timely and accurate data regarding inventory, sourcing, purchase, dispatch, quality check, and delivery.

Reports and Insights

AntMyERP gives accurate and insightful reports on the logistics and supply chain processes. The Service ERP gives accurate data of the inward challans created for the products sourced. It also keeps a record of any devices inward for repair or return. It creates digital reports that can be sent to the clients along with the bar code and serial number so that tracking becomes easy. The software also maintains a record for all the outward challans and delivery registers created into the system. You gain control over your business operations with proper tagging and labelling of devices. You can check the dispatch status for your devices with notification on the delivery updates. You can locate your stocks that are transferred internally to other branches with their proper device tagging. It helps in effective and fast supply chain process with minimal human errors.

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