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Product Bundling

In every business there is a different approach by which you can attract customers. One such approach is product bundling. No customer wants the products in an disorganized manner. In such cases, providing customers with product bundles can prove to be in great favor to your business. If we go by the literal product bundling definition, it is a powerful sales strategy that combines multiple products or services into a single, attractive package. By bundling the products together and selling them at discounted bundle pricing, the businesses can drive higher sales and improve customer satisfaction. Providing such product bundle pricing can encourage the customers to buy more than what was intended by them initially. This will boost the overall revenue. 

Hence, the concept of building different bundle types, helps your business to get that competitive advantage in the market. 

Product Bundling

Build Your Own Bundle

Our unique product inventory management software allows you to build a main device out of different parts. The product tracking system tracks each stock/ product and spare location for all your branch offices.

Our stock management system helps you build your product bundling by assembling different parts. The bundled product can either be sold or rented out. AntMyERP’s product inventory software helps you manage your Sales and Rental business your way.

Now you can easily create products into the system by using other spare parts with the stock maintain software. You can have a record and track of all parts pricing with their date of installation. So tracking the parts used for a product is readily available. The inventory software for warehouse automatically creates the final product costing based on the parts costing. This makes it easy to analyze your product profitability.

Device Repair and Tracking with Product Stock Management

This SKU product simplifies the service support and enhances the efficacy of the spare parts repair as it helps in tracking.

Product bundles once sold or rented out to customers are eligible for customer support and service. The bundling software makes it easy to log service tickets for these products. Engineers can use the Technician’s Mobile Apps to solve the service tickets and can place spare parts requests for damaged parts.

You can always track the parts installed at the main product and carry out the repair of the same. The product inventory management system maintains a record of every transaction performed against the built product and adjusts the inventory accordingly.

Product Bundling Profitability with Product Stock Management Software

Rental or MPS business can track the device profitability for all build products with AntMyERP. You can track the invoice profitability for Sales Business. Your Business and our product bundling software together makes a perfect Service ERP. It is specifically designed for your industry to solve all your business operation concerns and issues.

Rental Profitability with Product List Software

AntMyERP provides device profitability for rental business for the product bundles. You can always check the spare parts cost incurred to assemble the primary serial number product, with the cost recovered after renting out the device. You can always track the spare parts consumed for service support against the device. Hence the device profitability can be easily tracked with the product inventory software.

Sales Profitability Using Bundling Software

Sales profitability can be calculated for the built products. You can check the purchase amount for the spare parts and the final cost for the built product. The software provides you the feature where you can track the invoice profitability for the sales business for these build products. The spare parts installed in the mail products can always be tracked and device profitability along with invoice profitability can be checked.

MPS Profitability with Stock Maintenance Software

AntMyERP helps you track your MPS device profitability and invoice profitability for the bundled products. You have visibility of the spare parts’ purchase cost of the printing devices. You can monitor the invoice profitability for the printing devices on a per-page basis. And you can also track the device’s profitability for MPS machines based on the breakdown calls, the spare parts used, and the consumables used at the customer’s site.

Spare Parts Swapping During Product Bundling

Rental and Managed Print Service Business has never been easy. We understand your business and thus have made bundling software that has an in-depth service module for your specific needs. The Spare Parts Management is effectively designed to cater your business needs. In Rental Business and Managed Print Service Business, spare parts are often swapped in product bundles. Tracking and keeping records of each is a hectic and troublesome task for the operations team.

AntMyERP has a feature that allows you to swap your internal spare parts for the primary product during its repair. You can maintain records of the internal parts swapped in these business models. You do not need to maintain a manual record for your spare inventory. Our software does this for you.

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