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We have the best service ERP software solution in India that can help you streamline and optimise your sales and service business processes. Our product has been configured to meet your specific needs, ensuring a user-friendly experience and maximum efficiency.

We’re here to assist you in strengthening your business. We’ve created our software with you, the customer, in mind. It’s designed to be easy to operate and personalised to meet the unique requirements of your industry. This is what makes us stand out from other Service ERPs.

We offer ERP software for all service industries. We have a one-of-a-kind solution that is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your business, with a primary focus on field service management.

Service companies

Managed IT Services

The IT hardware industry confronts unique challenges, starting with the management of an ongoing supply of inward spares and products. Our primary focus at AntMyERP is to provide exceptional customer service at affordable prices, transforming businesses into fully functioning operations. The Service Module offers integrated AMC Management, Field Service Management, Mobile Apps, Preventive Maintenance, and Spare Parts. With powerful stock management, procurement, order fulfillment, and inventory control solutions, our Spare Parts Inventory Management ensures meticulous tracking of every SKU. The Finance module facilitates auto invoicing for simplified billing, multiple vouchers, journals, stock adjustments, and more. The Field Service Management system efficiently handles timely break-fix and preventive maintenance service calls, including spare parts management. Additionally, our Metre Reading and Auto Invoicing feature maintains metre readings in the system, automating invoice generation based on metre readings and customer MPS contracts. For Toners and Consumables Supply, AntMyERP enables effective management and tracking of consumables supply, providing insights into consumable usage versus yield.

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Managed Print Service (MPS)

At AntMyERP, we have the perfect solution for your MPS needs. Our system offers useful features like auto invoicing for per page invoicing and toner supply based invoicing. 

The three core functions of Managed Print Service ( MPS) business processes are Field Service Management, Toner, and Consumables supply, and Metre Reading and Auto Invoicing

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Security System

The security devices and alarm systems industry is experiencing rapid growth and has enormous potential for further expansion. So, you're in charge of handling these massive projects that involve a tonne of security devices. Managing and maintaining contracts, inventory, invoicing, and services can be quite challenging without the support of a digital platform that automates these business processes. With AntMyERP’s Service ERP, your organisation can effortlessly ensure the optimal performance of your clients' alarm systems, security cameras, and other fire and security equipment.

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CCTV Surveillance System

With AntMyERP, you can effortlessly handle all your contracted device service support needs. Keeping track of spare parts used at different customer locations and ensuring that each device and spare part is correctly accounted for is crucial. With our ERP software, you can easily manage every aspect of your CCTV surveillance systems. From camera setup to recording management and handling incidents, it’s all in one convenient platform. These tools allow you to analyse surveillance data, spot patterns, and gain valuable insights that can be put into action.

Biometric Attendance System

With our integrated system, you can effortlessly manage all your contracts and gain real-time visibility into every aspect of your business. With ERP, you can effortlessly streamline attendance tracking processes by automatically capturing employee clock-in and clock-out times directly from the Biometric Attendance System. It’s like having a personal assistant that takes care of all the tedious work for you! Our ERP system is designed with top-notch security measures in place to protect your valuable biometric data and ensure that only authorised individuals have access to it. We take your privacy and security seriously, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your information is safe with us.

Fire Alarm and Detection System

Our team is trained in creating Service ERP Software specifically designed for the Fire and Safety industry. We understand that the complex nature of your business processes can be an obstacle, which is why we are here to simplify them for you. The Fire and Safety Service ERP tackles this challenge by going beyond just responding to incidents. It offers predictive analytics to help you stay one step ahead.

Audio Video Systems

ERP Software for Audio Video Systems Integrators

Our AntMyERP solution is perfect for businesses that sell and service audio-video products like conferencing equipment, projectors, cameras, and display units. It’s designed to meet the unique needs of companies operating across large geographical areas.

AntMyERP is an integrated all-in-one tool that closely integrates to the modules related to Service Management, CRM Sales, Spare Parts and Inventory, Human Resource, Finance, Assets Management, Purchase, Supply Chain and Task Management.

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Telecom Solution

Telecom system integrators are facing the challenge of managing their business processes effectively in order to stay competitive in a demanding market. With low margins and high service demands, it is crucial for them to find innovative solutions to streamline their operations. Our Service ERP software empowers telecom companies to cater to individual needs, efficiently handle customer inquiries, and promote enduring relationships with their customers.

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HVAC Industry

Managing a wide range of moving parts in your business can be quite a challenge. This includes managing multiple field service technicians and keeping track of spare parts that are spread across different locations. Discover a fresh approach to revolutionising your HVAC business operations with our powerful Service ERP tool.

Our system is designed to manage your business by integrating these modules : Service Management, CRM Sales, Spare Parts and Inventory, Human Resource, Finance, Assets Management, Purchase, Supply Chain and Task Management.

Field Service Management is very crucial in the HVAC industry. Our system is designed to manage your field service requirements.

Other major challenges for HVAC dealers include spare parts and inventory management. This cannot be solved without a fully integrated system.

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Medical Equipment Service

With our Service ERP, you can easily manage your medical equipment while also transforming healthcare maintenance.

Healthcare is constantly changing, and there is an increasing demand for better medical equipment management. In the fast-paced world of healthcare, the need for advanced solutions has given rise to the Medical Equipment Service ERP, which is specifically designed for the industry.

Hospitals and clinics rely heavily on a variety of equipment to provide patient care. That is where the Medical Equipment Service ERP comes in, essential for smooth operations and resource optimisation. Keeping track of assets, scheduling preventive maintenance, and utilising real-time data analytics are all critical components of extending equipment life.

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Power Equipment

AntMyERP can help you manage your power equipment, such as generators, sales, rentals, or AMC businesses.

The power equipment industry relies heavily on field service management, including dynamic SLAs and usage-based preventive maintenance. We are experts in all of these areas.

Metre readings can be tracked to help improve and speed up the billing process.

Our Service CRM For Power Equipment Industry aims to simplify all your business processes through automation, making it incredibly efficient and easy to manage.

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Fire and Safety

Identify the key to resolving the management bottlenecks in your fire and safety equipment management business with AntMyERP. We deliver customized Service ERP Software for Fire and Safety industry to simplify the complicated business processes which keep holding you back. Leverage the latest features suited to your industry and business objectives to fuel your business growth.

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Broadcasting Industry

Is ERP a big challenge for your organization? AntMyERP is here to help. Our specially designed service ERP for Broadcasting Equipment Industry covers sales, service and rental operations to gain full control over every facet of your business. Experience innovative solutions that bring significant benefits, transforming your traditional business model with our dedicated support at AntMyERP. We have specially designed field service software for broadcasting equipment companies to meet your personalized needs.

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Coffee Vending Industry

In today’s world where convenience is the key, vending machines come handy to anyone looking out for ease. However, the challenge lies in maintaining it. Managing a vending machine business is not an easy job. Do not worry, we got your back. AntMyERP provides the best field service software for the coffee vending machine industry. This industry covers a wide range of consumers from big IT companies to a small retail shop near you. People in metro cities have encouraged the use of it by keeping a vending machine at the reach of their house. Let’s get into the nitty gritties of the business and the way AntMyERP could be of help.

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Kitchen Equipment

ERP Software for Kitchen Equipment Industry

Service Software for the Kitchen Equipment industry is a tricky niche but a fruitful one. Once you know the nitty gritties of the tools it will help you keep your company in top shape. By proactively making sure the repairs and maintenance happen on time, the business is bound to flourish. This will mean less downtime and happy customers. After all, everything in the service industry boils down to customer satisfaction. AntMyERP is here to help you with the automatic scheduling and keeping a constant eye on the equipment.

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Office Equipment

Imagine, you are an office manager and you have a plethora of tasks already assigned to you. Here comes a knock on the door and your colleague tells you that you have four duplicate office equipment which you don’t need right now and there is a possibility that you will not be needing it near future too and on top of that the storage is full. Suddenly you start perspiring thinking where did you go wrong. You just received another requirement for the same office equipment from another colleague and you have already ordered it. Quite a picture to paint, isn’t it? We say, do not worry, we got you covered. Our office equipment management software at AntMyERP is especially designed for you to keep a track of your fixed assets and to efficiently manage the inventory by not purchasing what is not necessary.

The types of office equipment are varied. Few of them include scanners, printers, fax machines, shredders, projectors, laminate machines, label makers etc. The consumption related to it varies depending on the business needed. AntMyERP is here to help to deal with every business need of yours.

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Water Purifier Industry

We are aware of the fact that in today’s world the water is highly contaminated and hence drinking water is not consumable without filtration. In times like these, water purifiers, especially the RO ones are the need of the hour. This industry is boosting at a very fast pace. However, with the expansion in business comes the challenges to manage their service. So, service software for water purifier industry comes in handy here. There are many services that a water purifier requires after the sale is made. From regular maintenance to the replacement of the machinery. The technology associated with the water purifiers is intricate and hence the cost of the machine. So, you know why maintenance is of prime importance here.

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Pest Control Industry

Pests are the unwanted creatures in spaces inhabited by humans. Eliminating them doesn’t only make the living comfortable, rather it is live-saving. However, sometimes the intrusion of these unwanted guests is so much that they can only be handled by professionals. In such cases, we need to rely on pest control experts. These people need the best pest control service management software to provide prompt services to their clients.

The technology of pest control field service software enables the companies to streamline their operations. This helps the technicians deal with the pests with full concentration. The pest control happens for a wide range of spaces which includes homes, public places, commercial spaces etc. This job is best tackled by trained professionals who can handle the chemicals well and deploy preventive measures. With this we can understand the seriousness of the business and why they need the Pest Control Service Scheduling Management Software to do their task.

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Solar Service Industry

With coal becoming almost extinct in today’s society, renewable energy sources like sunlight and water must now take the lead. Sunlight-derived energy, or solar electricity, has become common in many places. Solar technology uses photovoltaic panels or specialized mirrors to focus solar rays and transform sunlight into electrical power. After that, the generated electricity can either be used right away or saved for later use by thermal storage or batteries. Solar power industries have a variety of needs that call for support, this is when a solar field service software solution comes to picture.

The service providers help in easy installation and maintenance of these panels which seem to be quite tedious if done manually.

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Photocopier Industry

Photocopier industry has become a huge sector in the past few decades. With the growing industry comes various challenges. The businesses are not just limited to keeping a count of the copies they produce but have also spread to rental and sales of their photocopy machines. Since they have dipped their hands in the service industry, they need to also take care of the field management which would only be possible through photocopier business software. Handling the tasks manually has become a thing in the past. 

Now companies have advanced and want to give the best of their services to their customers. They can easily accomplish this gigantic task with the help of photocopier business software. Let’s discuss in depth the challenges faced by this industry and how this software helps.

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Electric Vehicle Industry

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the ones that have evolved since the last few years. Earlier, it was thought to be quite a futuristic concept. They are automobiles powered by electric motors and batteries instead of traditional internal combustion engines. EVs provide a lot of benefits like quiet operation, environmental benefits and lower operating costs. With the burden on the environment with increasing pollution, EVs come as a savior. They are being adopted widely for the benefits they provide. There has been quite a surge in usage in the past years and with that the need for multiple charging stations at various locations. This creates a lot of issues in managing the infrastructure or services provided by the companies. Hence, the need for field service management software for electric vehicles arises.

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Elevator Lift Business

Modern infrastructure which includes high rise buildings these days are incomplete without elevators. The elevators provide easy vertical mobility in these buildings. They are necessary to improve convenience and accessibility for the movability of people and goods within the building and between the floors. This is for the ease of everyone. However, the elevators require regular checks and maintenance. This improves the dependability and also reduces the risk factors which come along with the installation of elevators. For this requirement, elevator lift maintenance software comes in handy.

To maintain the track of everything related to the elevators, companies need to have software that eases their job.

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Electronic Home Appliance Industry

In the ever evolving technical world today, household appliances are the talk of the town. With the modern technologies that help us everyday, doing household chores with it is a blessing in disguise. Big companies invest a lot in the innovation that comes with respect to the appliances. However, they face challenges too related to their regular maintenance calls, inventory and other services associated with any other service industry. This is where, AntMyERP’s Appliance Repair Field Service Software comes into picture.

Gone are the days when everything was recorded manually with considerable errors. Our cloud-based service dispatch management software is here for the rescue.

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Broadband Repair Services

Broadband field software industry faces a lot of challenges. The companies face issues in better resource allocation where they need to assign tasks to the technicians with relevant skills and equipment for the repair task. They also face issues in scheduling depending on the availability of the customer as well as the technician for a service. The lack of proper communication is also a major challenge in field service. The disruption in communication occurring between the company, the technician and the customer is not a good sign for the business. 

The field service software helps to bridge the gap and helps improve the operational efficiency.

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Industrial Maintenance Industry

Industrial maintenance is the process of ensuring that all the machinery, equipment and fasciitis in the industry/ plant run in smooth condition. It will not only help in the lifespan of the equipment but also help in avoiding the risk factors which are associated with malfunctioning of any machinery. Along with this, if the equipment runs smoothly it will avoid undue costs on the repurchase that would be beneficial to the industry financially. However, handling this on a large scale is a pain area. Hence, field service software for industry equipment maintenance comes to help.

The industrial maintenance industry needs to deal with a lot of service and maintenance calls for which industrial equipment maintenance software is needed primarily.

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Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas industry has always been a competitive one since the time there has been advancements. We need oil and gas from making food to commuting from one place to another. With the expansion of need, there is bound to be an increase in supply if the business needs to grow. Hence, due to this expansion handling the services have become a challenge for the oil and gas industry. Some challenges are remote locations, intricate asset management, strict safety rules and high operational cost. To address these, an efficient oil and gas field service software is required. AntMyERP provides just that.

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Highway Road and Equipment Repair

We are currently living in a world where every part of it is so well-connected. Thanks to the transport facilities we got with highway roads being one of the most reliable ones. Highway roads aren’t always what meets the eye. Along with the construction work it involves, it also deals with a lot of backend work. Designing, cost estimation, making proposals, assigning tasks, team collaboration etc. is taken care of in the backend. These jobs require a lot of effort with the risk of errors, if taken care of manually. Hence, highway road and equipment repair management software comes in handy.

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CNC Machines Industry

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. The industries dealing with CNC machines work with heavy machineries that are associated with complex operations. If we look a few years ago, such processes were hard to accomplish. Now, they are and thanks to CNC machines for that. The complex machines are controlled by computers. The software is pre-programmed which helps in the movement of the machinery and tools. This helps in efficiency, accuracy and consistency which are hard to get in manual processes. Since there are many detailed yet large-scale operations involved, it brings its own set of challenges. To help address the issue, field service software comes into picture. Each machine differs in construction and well as the task it performs.

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