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Best Service ERP for cloud-based fixed asset management software

AntMyERP – Helps you to manage your capital assets as well as your customer assets lifecycle.

Our Field Service Management Software comes with a Fixed asset barcode system to track all your assets.

Management Software

Asset Lifecycle Management

The Service ERP helps you manage and track all assets with its life cycle. You can manage the asset procurement, Sales, Service and disposal through the Asset module. You get information on asset life, movement, breakdown calls, location and more. You can categorize, subcategorize, tag your devices based on their unique serial numbers. The software helps you manage the depreciation of the asset based on its health, the spares parts used, servicing done and also manage the disposal activity for the device. Hence complete asset life cycle is properly taken care of through the system.


The cloud-based fixed asset management software helps you manage the asset procurement/ purchase process. You can manage multiple vendor quotations, and manage the approval process. The field service management software helps you manage the inward of the device after a proper quality check and the GRN process. The software helps you manage multiple purchase orders, seek management approval, take the GRN, and manage the product warranty very smoothly. 


The AMC CRM software helps you assign your assets systematically with visibility of the assets consumed for clients or consumed for self-use.  All your IT assets can be tagged and categorized as per your business requirement. If you want to utilize certain devices only for your sale or rent or for your company’s self-usage, it can be done with ease. You get visibility of devices mapped as per their usage and as per the business model (if to be used for rental business/ sales business/ self-usage) you follow.


Our fixed asset register software helps you analyze the health of your assets based on their usage, service breakdown calls, and spare used. You can very easily track the warranty of every device and see the asset life and health of the device. Knowing the breakdown history and parts history you can analyze and plan for the asset disposal. The asset disposal activity becomes simple and accurate decisions for disposal or scraping can be taken based on its life and health. 

Assets Categorization

The Service ERP helps you manage Assets with proper Categorization and Value.

Through this cloud-based IT asset management software, you can create multiple levels of asset categorization. You can categorize, subcategorize and further subcategorize your assets based on your business. For example, you may have separate categories for computing devices which can be further categorized into desktops and laptops and further categorized into laptops for commercial or for business use. 

The tagging of devices becomes easily manageable with our fixed asset barcode system. Each device can be mapped as per your business model and the process of asset segregation becomes effective. You gain visibility of the devices like which devices you want to use for rental business, which devices are for sale business model, and which devices are for internal use.

Warranty Management

Manage Device Depreciation with the field service management Software, AntMyERP.

The device warranty management is effectively taken care of with the fixed asset management software. You can manage the purchase/ vendor warranty for devices and also manage the customer warranty for devices. You get visibility of the device warranty and hence you can accordingly plan its allocation with proper Inventory Management.

Through AntMyERP, you can track the warranty of the devices which are about to expire in the current month, the next month, or which are out of warranty. The warranty can be tracked easily by providing the serial number of the devices which also gives the exact location of the device along with the vendor warranty and the client warranty dates. 

Assets Bundling

The fixed asset management software helps you all with a specific feature where you can bundle different spare parts to make a final device, asset, or primary product. Through this IT asset management software, the user can very easily assemble parts and create a primary device that can be sold, rented out, or consumed for self-business purposes.

You can track the Spare Parts used in the primary device during any breakdown calls. The parts can be swapped and can be easily maintained through the Service ERP.


Entire Life Cycle of the Assets is integrated starting from purchase, sales, service, breakdown calls till its disposal.

The asset life cycle process is integrated and automated at every stage starting from the vendor procurement to the sale consumption process/ inhouse consumption to the asset disposal. The IT assets management software integrates the process of asset procurement (Purchase Order), the device assignment (sales/rent/self), the breakdown calls on it, and the spares consumed till the asset scrape stage or the asset disposal stage. Every process is integrated to give complete insight into asset life cycle management.

Care Pack Management

Warranty and care pack can be easily managed with AntMyERP. It helps you track the care pack you offered to your customers and keep a track on its expiry.

The assets management software allows managing the device warranty either for the vendor or for the customers. You can easily map any care pack to the existing customer contracts or existing device warranty. And you can track the care pack against your vendors with the complete warranty information.

This gives you insights into the warranty expiry and also maintains a track of each care pack mapped with the serial numbers.

Reports and Insights

AntMyERP provides you insightful reports on your assets which makes your IT asset management and tracking simplified and easy. The software helps you analyze your asset, their life, their health, their current location, their tags, their categories etc. It gives meaningful reporting readily available at one place just a click away.

Assets Register

The fixed asset management software helps you manage your asset register with complete accuracy and informed data. The asset register gives information on the asset starting from its purchase, supplier details, warranty, supplier invoice details, and the purchase amount with its purchase date. The register gives information about the asset if it’s under AMC or if the AMC has expired. Thus, complete asset information is available at one place.

Assets Loaning and Return

The Service ERP helps you manage your device repair, and loan history very effectively. Whenever any device is outwarded or sent on loan/ rent or repair, you can easily track it with the asset management software. This helps you analyze your devices given for repair to vendors or to yourself. And it also helps you analyze devices received for return/ replacement from customers. 

Assets Movement

You will get accurate information about your asset movement with this IT asset management software. AntMyERP helps you analyze your device movement with complete information on all the inwards and outwards done to the device. The software gives information on the devices you manage for yourself or for your clients with their current location and their movement history.

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