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A vendor could be a buyer too! With the demand for economical electronic goods increasing exponentially, there has been a rise in demand for refurbished electronic products. The dealers buy the old electronic equipment from their clients, refurbish them, and sell them further. But managing the complete process of buying the e-waste is difficult.

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Lead Management System

With the help of the AntMyERP Lead Management System, the vendors can easily accomplish the entire Lead Management process. Our Lead Management Software can manage multiple leads for purchases in the same way that leads for sales are managed.

It provides a sigh of relief to the businesses that manage e-waste and treat the purchase as a sale. As a result, their sales process for purchases can be perfectly handled, tracked, and given a useful reporting structure.

Creating an inquiry

As soon as an enquiry is raised for any product, the purchase ERP assists the vendor to add the enquiry details into the ERP system as a Lead for Purchase. Once the lead is added to the system, a ticket is created for the lead, helping in efficient management of the lead for purchase. It helps to manage all the leads for purchase from a single dashboard, making the entire process well-managed and streamlined.


It rarely happens that the lead of purchase is closed in a single conversation, but rather it may take a few follow-ups and lots of discussion prior to qualifying and closing the lead.  Our Lead Management System helps in the proper management of follow-ups with the leads. 

It allows you to enter the follow-up date and time requested by the lead. The system notifies you of the follow-up calls so that you do not miss any of them.

Lead Lost

If the lead, for some reason, decides to back out of the deal, it can be marked as lost in the Lead Management system, properly stating the reason for the back-out. It can help the team monitor how many leads for purchase they have lost and why they have lost.

These details can assist the teams to analyze the reasons for losing the leads, reevaluating their dealing process and reworking on it.

Future Leads

If, for some reason, the lead of the purchase decides to keep the inquiry on hold for a substantial period of time, it can be moved to the future, stating the future follow-up time and reason for the hold. 

As soon as the lead is moved to the future, it will vanish from the index page and will again be automatically visible on the index page on the future date for the follow-up.

Qualifying the Inquiry

If the lead qualifies and everything goes well between both parties, the lead of purchase has to come to a close.

The Lead Management Software can manage the entire process of qualifying the lead, collecting and recording all the essential details that are required for closing the deal.

Purchase Order Management

Once the deal is closed, the vendor generates a Purchase Order. Further, the vendor sends the PO to the lead, keeping track of the approvals and confirmation of the PO by the lead, editing the PO if any requirement arises, and much more. The entire process of PO Management can be streamlined with the use of AntMyERP purchase order system software.

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