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Lead for Purchase

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Lead for Purchase

Lead Management System

Simplify your lead management process with the AntMyERP Lead Management System, designed to seamlessly handle both sales and purchase leads. Specifically crafted for businesses dealing with e-waste, our software streamlines the entire purchase cycle, offering ease in adding, amending, and tracking leads. Efficiently follow up, qualify, or disqualify leads for purchases, and gain valuable insights by seamlessly reporting losses to competitors. Experience a comprehensive solution that ensures your purchase process is managed, tracked, and optimized with precision.

Purchase Order Management

Upon completion of the transaction, the seller creates a purchase order. Along with sending the PO to the lead, the vendor also maintains track of the lead’s approvals, edits the PO as needed, and does a lot more. The entire process of PO Management can be streamlined with the use of AntMyERP purchase order system software.

Creating an Enquiry

As soon as an inquiry is raised for any product, the purchase ERP assists the vendor to add the inquiry details into the ERP system as a Lead for Purchase. Once the lead is added to the system, a ticket is created for the lead, helping in the efficient management of the lead for purchase. It helps to manage all the leads for purchases from a single dashboard, making the entire process well-managed and streamlined.


Closing a lead in a single conversation is pretty rare. Usually, it takes a few follow-ups and lots of discussion before the lead is qualified and closed.  Our Lead Management System helps you stay organized and follow up with leads effectively. 

You can enter the date and time that the lead requested for follow-up. Our system will let you know about any follow-up calls, so you won’t miss any of them.

Leads Lost

If the lead decides to back out of the deal, you can mark it as lost in the Lead Management system and provide a reason for the back-out. This tool helps the team keep track of the number of potential customers they’ve lost and the reasons behind it. These details can help the teams figure out why they’re losing leads, reevaluating their approach, and making improvements.

Future Leads

If the person in charge of the purchase decides to delay the inquiry for a while, they can schedule a future follow-up and provide a reason for the delay.  Once the lead is moved to the future, it will disappear from the index page. But don’t worry, It will automatically reappear on the index page on the specified future date for the follow-up.

Qualifying the Enquiry

If the lead qualifies and everything goes well between both parties, the lead of purchase has to come to a close.

The Lead Management Software can manage the entire process of qualifying the lead, collecting and recording all the essential details that are required for closing the deal.

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