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Welcome to AntMyERP! We’re here to help businesses revolutionize their Goods Receipt Note (GRN) processes. Our GRN Management solutions are built to help you bring transparency, precision, and administration to your supply chain operations.

With our GRN Management system, you can easily double-check the goods you receive against your purchase orders.

GRN Management

What is a Goods Receipt Note?

The Goods Received Note is an important document that shows both parties have followed their contract and can be used as a record in the future or if any disagreements arise. The Goods Receipt Note (GRN) is a crucial part of Purchase Order Management. When done well, it helps keep track of products and their details in the inventory.

Quality Check

Once the Internal Challan is created, the system automatically performs a quality check on the device or product. You can assign your device to an employee for quality checks and easily track the status. The quality check team can examine the device and update the status in the system. If the product passes the quality check, it moves on to the Purchase Order management stage. If the product doesn’t pass the quality check, the Inventory Management System won’t accept it.

Simplify and Streamline Your GRN Processes

Managing GRN manually can lead to many human errors. With AntMyERP software, businesses can effortlessly and effectively handle the entire GRN process. Our software quickly generates an inward challan for each GRN (Goods Receipt Note) and sends the device for an internal quality check. We check the item for quality. If we find any flaws or if it's unusable, we return it to the vendor.

GRN in Purchase

With AntMyERP, you can easily view all your active purchase orders in one place once you and the vendor have signed a contract. After the products arrive, just enter their GRN into the system. You can give the serial numbers of the devices or items you got from vendors. If you don’t have the serial number, you can use the quantity of the products from the Goods Receipt Note (GRN).

Creating an Inward Challan

Once the Goods Received Note (GRN) is entered into the system, the software will automatically generate an inward challan after the GRN is verified. Our ERP system is great at managing Goods Return Notes efficiently. You can easily enter the device GRNs you received from suppliers or vendors into our system using our Returns management software. Once entered, you’ll be able to generate an Internal Challan for them.

Comprehensive Tracking

You can easily track any product you own in your inventory by using their inward challan. This helps to improve the overall Requisition Management process. GRN Processes makes it easy to keep track of your inventory. It helps you keep a record of the products you add to your inventory and creates an outward challan for any products you take out. The ERP system helps keep your inventory details up-to-date.

Return Management

If the product doesn’t pass the quality check, we’ll start the return process. You can’t add the product to your inventory. Instead, you need to return it to the vendor along with the correct billing and invoicing information. Once the quality check status is marked as failed, we immediately initiate the outward challan to return the product to the vendor for a replacement. You can easily track the details and status of your returned product in our system. Our GRN processes help manage your request smoothly and seamlessly.

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