The delivery of products does not mark the end of the Requisition Management but is the beginning of another very important process – Inventory Management.  When the products are delivered by the vendor, a lot of effort goes into taking the products into the inventory and keeping a track of the products available in the inventory. The software gives you the opportunity to take the GRN of the devices you’ve bought from suppliers or retailers.


Goods Received Note

The Goods Received Note serves as proof of the parties’ adherence to their contractual obligations and serves as a record for future use, whenever needed or if disputes develop. GRN is one of the important facets of Purchase Order Management that if carried out efficiently helps in keeping an up-to-date track of the products and related details available in the inventory.

GRN Management System

The GRN Management if carried out manually can be prone to various human errors. But, with AntMyERP software, businesses can easily and efficiently manage the complete GRN process. The software instantly creates an inward challan for each GRN and sends the device for an internal quality check. The item is checked for quality, and if it is found to be flawed or unusable, it is returned to the vendor.

GRN in Purchase

Using AntMyERP system you can access all of your open purchase orders in one location after the vendor and you have signed a contract. Once the products are delivered you can take their GRN and enter them into the system.

For this, you can provide valid serial numbers for the devices or items you have received from vendors. If the serial number is not available, the quantity of the products can be used to take in the GRN.

Creating an Inward Challan

Once the Goods Received Note is taken into the system, the software automatically generates an inward challan into the system after the GRN is verified. AntMyERP facilitates Goods Return Note management very effectively.

You have the option to enter device GRNs that you have obtained from suppliers or vendors into the system using the software and get an Internal Challan for it.


You may trace any product you own in your inventory using their inward challan enhancing the entire Requisition Management process.

GRN Management facilitates comprehensive inventory management, by helping to keep track of the products added to the inventory and creating an outward challan for all the products sourced from the inventory. This way the service ERP system helps keep the inventory details up-to-date.

Quality Check

Once the Internal Challan is created, the quality check is automatically carried out after a device or product is placed into the system. You can assign your device to a certain employee for a quality check and can also keep a track of the quality check status. The device can be examined by the quality check team, and the status of the quality check can be further uploaded into the system.

In case the product passes the quality check, the product is further processed in the Purchase Order Management. But in case the product fails the quality check the product cannot be taken in by the Inventory Management System.

Return Management

If the product fails the quality check the return process is initiated. The product cannot be taken into the inventory and has to be returned to the vendor with the proper billing and invoicing details.

As soon as the quality check status is marked failed, the outward challan is initiated to return the product to the vendor for a replacement. The details and status of the returned product can be easily tracked from the system, ensuring a smooth and seamless Requisition Management.

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