7 May, 2024

Storage Alert Feature

The latest feature of Storage Alert on AntMyERP can helps you to gauge how much of your storage space you have used. In case your storage gets near your subscribe storage GB, the system will start showing an alert. This way either you can plan to get your storage updated or plan ahead accordingly. This feature will be available only if the user permission of the same is available. The added advantage of this feature is the report which comes with it. You can see which type of data took how much space in your storage.

16 April, 2024

QR Code Feature

AntMyERP’s latest QR Code scanning feature streamlines service ticket logging effortlessly. With a quick scan using your scanner, you can easily log a service request for the respective device. Also, you can log consumable orders and add meter reading using the QR code feature. This not only simplifies the procedure but also saves time, thanks to the automated system. The streamlined process reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring smooth operations.

12 March, 2024

Operational Efficiency with E-Way Bill

AntMyERP now allows you to generate E-way bills, simplifying your logistics process. You can easily incorporate the E-way bill document reference number into your invoices and delivery notes, enabling you to conveniently view or print these documents as needed. This integration streamlines documentation and ensures compliance with transportation regulations.

13 February, 2024

Improved Cash Flow with E-invoice

The introduction of the e-invoice feature in AntMyERP enhances cash flow by seamlessly syncing transactions with your GST portal. This integration improves data reconciliation, minimizes errors through automated entries, and provides additional benefits for tax returns, ensuring all transactions are accurately registered with the government.

19 January, 2024

Warranty Tracking with Our New Warranty Management Feature

With our new warranty management system, you have complete access to all warranty-related information. Generate comprehensive reports based on any parameter, allowing you to view warranties for all devices in one centralized location.

15 December, 2023

TradeIndia Integration to Lead Management

In business, efficient lead management is vital. If you utilize TradeIndia for your website, you can effortlessly integrate and synchronize the leads with AntMyERP, streamlining your workflow. This integration not only saves time and reduces errors but also enhances your overall business productivity.

24 November, 2023

IndiaMart Integration For Lead Management

When it comes to business, effective lead management is essential. If you use IndiaMart for your website, you can seamlessly integrate and sync the leads generated there with AntMyERP. This integration eliminates the need for manual double entries, saving you time and minimizing errors.

17 October, 2023

WordPress Integration For Lead Management

Lead Management is crucial for any business. So, in case you use WordPress for your website, you can directly sync the leads generated there to AntMyERP. You can save the hassle for doing double entries. It saves time and reduces error.

September 11,2023

Autodesk API Integrations for Product usage, Renewal Management and Customer Onboarding

Our integration acts as a link, keeping your information up to date regardless of where it originates from. Our clients can use this API Integration to reduce errors, address data conflicts and increase overall data correctness. It is designed specifically to address data discrepancies between our ERP system and our client’s data. 

August 10,2023

Sales Dashboard at User level and Organisation level

Our valued clients have the power to effortlessly oversee the sales performance of individual team members or the entire team in real-time. Thanks to this real-time data, identifying top performers and guaranteeing order precision becomes a breeze. This powerful tool has the potential to significantly enhance your team’s productivity by streamlining operations. In short, it’s your key to analyzing not just the sales process but all processes connected to your sales efforts.

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