Service ERP with

Field Service Management

as a Core module. Field Service Management software is incomplete without integrating AMC Management, Warranty Management, Customer Service Management and Spare Parts Management. AntMyERP integrates all these service aspects to become a perfect Service ERP.

Field Service Management

AMC Management

Our AMC Management software not only helps you to manage your Comprehensive and Non Comprehensive contracts but also create Auto Invoicing considering dynamic payment terms and device movement during the contract.

With AntMyERP AMC Management software you can easily manage your Preventive Maintenance, Timely Customer Contract Renewal, and Multiple Service Level Agreements you have signed with your customers. 

Our AMC Management software helps you to have real-time information on profitability for all your AMC Contracts with drill-down till Invoices, Products, Device Serial numbers, Field Service Engineers, and many more.

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Complaint Management

Your client can log their online complaint directly from their portal. Our Complaint management system populate all the necessary information like Contract Type, Contract Period, call history at the time of logging service complaints.

AntMyERP complaint management system create service tickets and notify the customer via email and SMS. Also, auto-assign the service complaint to the nearest service engineer or a predefined technician. A manual service call can also be assigned.

AntMyERP Complaint management system cover all the aspects of Service ERP i.e GPS Based Technician Mobile App, Knowledge-based, Service Level Agreement with multiple user-defined escalations.  

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Spare Parts Management

No Field Service Management software is complete without the role of integrated Spare Parts Management system software. Our Spare Part Management system software helps you to acquire a real-time information about spare parts. It helps you to track spare parts issued to technician, spare parts at customer location or spare parts connected to the respective service ticket, the client and the Device

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Spare Parts Approval System

Since field service management requires spare parts management to great extent, the service engineer can conveniently raise mapped spare parts request from the Technician Mobile App. The Service Manager digitally approves the part request followed by the logistic team dispatching the parts and the technician replacing the same.

Our Approval system is so robust that a flaw in the delivery of wrong Spare parts to the Customer is unprecedented.

Spare Parts Tracking and Consumption

Tracking spare parts is very effective due to the inbuilt Bar Code systemWith a single click, you can have in-depth trails on all spare parts movements with stock across multiple sites and locations. Integrated Accounting and Inventory Modules also help you to forecast the consumption of spares.

The software maintains a record of each part whether used or unused and creates a log for future reference. 

Defective Return Management

Our Spare Parts Management system maintains a record of the parts sent for repair. Once the part is replaced, the defective spare parts need to be collected and submitted to the office. Incase of not received, the Organization is liable for a huge loss. 

In such cases, we help you to manage and track your defective parts effectively without losing sight of it. Making it nearly ZERO chance of misplacing or misusing. 

Field Service Management

AntMyERP empowers you to effectively manage the end-to-end field service process. You can create, assign and track all your Installation, Breakdown, and Preventive Maintenance service tickets along with the mapped SLAs. You can track all spare parts issued or requested in a few steps. You can manage all your active AMC management service contracts, track their status of renewal and get notified beforehand.

Our field management software creates an effective team collaboration thereby increasing the team’s productivity. You can manage all your field staff, their live location, the open service tickets on which they are working, their status, and the parts they carry. 

A perfect Service ERP you way!

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Service Level Agreement

System integrators have multiple Service Level Agreement Contract with multiple clients. Enterprise customers will have more complex and multiple SLAs as per time-based, device-based and location-based.

Our Service ERP helps you to manage any type of complex SLA. Our robust escalation system helps you get notified via SMS or Email so that you will never miss the SLA commitment.

You can create multiple SLA and escalation workflow. You can manage all these SLAs like Contract-based SLAs, Product Based SLAs, Location-based SLAs and SLAs mapped with device Serial Number.

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Technician Mobile Apps

Our Field Service Management Mobile App is simple and intuitive to manage your service tickets with SLA and spare parts. The Field Engineer can also find the basic details like attendance, leave and monthly salary using the Technician Mobile App. Error-free Auto GPS-based Mileage Expense voucher will be created automatically after every service call.

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Check List

Create your checklist along with the workflow which you want your field service team to follow at the time of managing the service tickets. It is mandatory for the technicians to follow the workflow set up by your organization before solving the service tickets from the mobile app.

Knowledge Based

You can create multiple knowledge bases in PDF, JPG, URL Link, You Tube Video mapped with Devices. Field service technicians can learn from their mobile app through the knowledge base system on resolving the repair of the product on which the service call has been assigned.

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Auto Mileage Voucher

AntMyERP mobile app is integrated with Google Map. The system knows the location and the distance of every service ticket and field service technician. Our GPS-based mobile app captures your location and distance thereby creating an error-free Mileage Expenses voucher after every service call. 

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Field Service Automation

With our Automated Field Service Management software you can fully automate your service flow. Service automation helps you to manage your service process in a simplified and well-coordinated manner. Every process from ticket log to ticket solved, is automated and gives a clear picture of the service flow along with engineers’ performance with just a few clicks. It helps you track your Annual Maintenance Contract and warranty support without the need of documents. It makes life easy in terms of our service management and thus keeps our clients happy and informed.

Service automation helps you to avoid human error at the multiple entry points and thus makes your service management process error-free

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Return Material Authorisation ( RMA )

AntMyERP helps you to manage your complex Return Material Authorization ( RMA ) process for both businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C) in a simple and robust way. The three most important parts of RMA are Customer Experience from submission to return, Shipment management and Entire RMA Process visibility. Our Service ERP handles them all well.

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Warranty Management

Return Material Authorization (RMA) is not possible until you have a clear visibility of the warranty support status of the device serial number.

Our Field Service Management software helps you to search the warranty status in your Service ERP along with the history of the serial number. This aids the help desk person to make an informed decision creating a better customer experience. Customers can also update the product warranty status through website for approval

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Shipment and Logistics

Forward or reverse shipment is the second most important part of return material authorization (RMAs). AntMyERP helps you to manage both by integrating with the shipping company’s API. You can have all the information about the serial number of the device and its conditions before and after the shipment. 

Our Service ERP helps you to monitor logistics, gain real-time visibility on supply chain and provide real-time reports about shipments and supply chain performance.

Repair, Replace and Reject

We manage three RMA functions like Replace, Repair and Reject.

Repair: Repair can only be Labour or Labour and spare parts, Impacting Stock and Time.

Replace: Once it is authorized to replace the product under RMA, the system reduces your current stock but maintains the old warranty of the product submitted under RMA.

Reject: If the product is rejected for any reason, the same is recorded and informed to the customer.

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Service Integration and Management

Our Field Service Management software is tightly integrated with inbuilt modules like Purchase Management, CRM Sales, Human Resource, Service Management, Operations and supply chain management, Assets Management, Spare Parts and Inventory, Finance and Task Management.
Integration makes the software much more communicative and thus helps you get informed on authorized data in one place. Effects of changes in one module get easily reflected in the other module. The service flow is mapped and integrated with the SLAs.
We can also integrate AntMyERP with the 3rd party tools via API, thus giving the user the benefit of using a single platform for all the business operations.

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Service Scheduling

Our Field Service Management software helps you to schedule your service tickets as per your customer AMC Management Contract and current service requirements. Service Level Agreement (SLAs) will be paused during the scheduled time period as per your requirement. You can also schedule your Preventive Maintenance Service ticket as per your requirement.
Our reporting tools give you a real-time data about scheduled service tickets and help you plan better.

AntMyERP also aids in optimizing all your field service calls. The GPS system allows you to assign tickets to engineers in the same location and hence reduce the travel time and increase the engineers’ productivity.

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Preventive Maintenance

AntMyERP’s Field Service Management software handles Time-based and Usage-based Preventive Maintenance. You can create multiple Preventive Maintenance of each of them and assign them to a Service Contract, Product or Serial number.
The system will automatically create the Preventive Maintenance (PM) service ticket and assign them to the service technician as per the rule stated.
You can get notified of all your upcoming Preventive Maintenance service tickets hence you can plan and schedule the same. Tracking of all the PM Tickets raised for customers can also be done at your fingertips.

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Field Service Reporting

AntMyERP gives you meaningful and insightful real-time reporting by integrating multiple business processes of your business. This data-driven reporting helps you improve your service management process and have better control of your Service Contract.

Our Field Service Management software is bundled with reports and a dashboard to capture metrics such as 

  • Technician KPI.
  • SLA Performance.
  • First Time Fix Rate.
  • Response and Downtime.
  • Time on Call
  • Distance Travel
  • Service Ticket Cost
  • Spare parts consumption and much more
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Service Repair Center

In a world driven by consumerism, where the natural instinct is often to replace rather than repair, service repair centers stand as guardians of sustainability and frugality. These centers play a crucial role in extending the lifespan of our possessions, saving money, and contributing to a greener planet.

Choosing service repair over replacement brings economic savings. It also contributes to a reduction in electronic waste, aligning with the global push towards sustainability. It’s not just about fixing a product; it’s about making a conscious choice for a better world.

Service repair centers are not just fixers of broken things; they are champions of a sustainable lifestyle. As consumers, we hold the power to make choices that impact our wallets and the planet. Supporting local service repair centers is not just a repair; it’s a commitment to a better, more responsible future.

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After Sales Service Management Software

Service management after a sale is an important part of running a business. It involves providing support and assistance to customers after they have made a purchase. Companies are using after sales support software to make their processes more efficient because customers want better service for Auto Preventive Maintenance and Incident Management.

AntMyERP can help you to respond quickly and effectively to customer questions and complaints, which will make customers happier and more loyal in the long run. In today’s competitive market, businesses must put after-sales service management at the top of their list of priorities if they want to stay on top.

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Help Desk Management Software

Help desk CRM Software is an essential tool for any business that wants to provide a better customer experience and improve its support operations.

AntMyERP has made help desk management secure, sophisticated and straightforward. We bring the most effective ITSM Ticketing Tools on the market to empower enterprises to delight customers with a supreme experience. Simplify your customer support with our Help Desk Management Software so all the company’s stakeholders can be happy.

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Field Service Engineer Tracking Software

The 5 most important key features and functionalities that can improve your team’s efficiency and productivity.

  • Real-time Location Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Mobile Access
  • Job Status Updates
  • Inventory Management
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