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Technician Mobile Apps

Technician Mobile Apps for quick and accurate Field Service Management and Customer Support.

Manage and resolve Customers’ Complaint Tickets at any time and location with easy-to-use Mobile App. Mark your live attendance with your current location and time. Raise and Claim Expense Vouchers Instantly with AntMyERP Mobile App.

Technician Mobile Apps

Live Attendance Marking

Service Industry is majorly dependent on the service engineers. Having large workforce of engineers often makes it difficult for the team to coordinate and track their daily work status.

Engineers mostly are on-site for field service. Their dynamic nature of work does not allow them to be present in the office to mark their daily attendance. We understand field service and understand the concerns they face while at work. The mobile app of AntMyERP allow the engineers and other employees to mark their attendance while present at any location and ease HR processes.

The app captures the current live location and time of the user and the attendance is created with a click. In a similar manner, the user can check-in and check out to mark his attendance for the day. You can track all your employee’s locations with a click for all your branches, thus resource allocation and time management become effective and reduce manual work to great extent.

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Expense Vouchers

More service engineers, more expenses to company. These are directly proportional to each other, hence tracking the expenses incurred onsite by the service engineer is a big challenge in the service industry. Mobile App gives the facility to create manual expense vouchers.

Expense vouchers by service engineers are not easy to track and monitor. Since you are not sure of the authenticity of the same and have to pay them willingly or unwillingly to keep your customer service support strong. These expenses are sometimes unmanageable and so we need a strong and automated system to manage these expenses of the company.

AntMyERP gives your the facility to create expense vouchers that can be mapped with the customer account. These vouchers are manual as well as automated which accurately calculate the expenses based on the distance covered by the engineer. You get a two-level approval facility to approve or reject them.

Service Tickets

The Mobile App of AntMyERP prompt the users of the service tickets assigned to them. These service tickets are generally used by the service engineers who go onsite to attend the customer complain calls. The user gets notified for all service tickets assigned to him and perform his entire complain task through the mobile app itself.

Tickets Resolve/ Repair

The service engineers are notified of the tickets assigned to them and can perform activities to resolve the ticket. It could be through Remote Call Assistance (RCA) or a site visit. The engineer can either resolve the ticket or not resolve it and take it back for repair purposes. He can solve the customer’s complaint through the app and take the customer’s signature and upload it.

With AntMyERP you can solve any Preventive Maintenance Service calls or any Breakdown Service Calls

Part Request

The technician can also raise Spare Parts request while attending to the customer’s Complaint call. The mobile app shows all the parts that are connected to the device and also displays the total parts. The engineer can pick and choose the parts required for device repair and place a part request. This goes for approval to the coordinator and can be given to the technician to resolve the customer complaint.

Reports Upload

Service reports are very important to keep a track of the customer complaint status and references. The technician can upload multiple reports in the form of pdf or image files for reference purposes. These are automatically stored in the customer ticket and can be viewed anytime. The mobile app also gives the facility to upload a customer’s signature as proof of job completion. Every activity is stored and can be viewed later.

Leave and Salary Management with Team

The Service ERP has the facility to create a leave application from the mobile app. The users can anytime apply for leave, check their approval status and also check their balance status. The applied leaves go for approval to the seniors and can be tracked if approved or not.

The mobile app also allows you to see your entire teammates, where you can view their contact information. It allows you to see your peers with their designation.

The user can also see their salary and can also download their salary slips. The mobile app is easy to use and can be installed on any mobile device. Like other apps, it also gives reminder on updates.

Knowledge Based

Add service and repair related file in the knowledge base to help your engineer perform the complaint successfully with ease.

For all Complaint tickets, AntMyERP provides you with the feature of a knowledge base to help your service engineers perform the activities of repair successfully on time. This acts as a repair guidance repository that the engineer can refer to while working.

The Service ERP helps you map your products with a knowledge base that can be added in the form of files, pdf documents, or youtube links which the engineer can refer to. This increases their performance and efficiency in solving complaint tickets for the customers.

GPS Tracking

Field Service Management Software is incomplete without providing GPS tracking for the field service technician. The real-time GPS-based app helps you track your engineer’s live location and makes your field service job convenient. You can find out the nearest service engineer, assign the service call ticket to ensure faster response to the customers, and also save on the travel time.

This GPS tracking enhances your field service management performance with proper optimization and thus improves the way you use your engineers.

GPS tracking helps you to automate your service ticketing systems, Attendance, and Mileage Expense Voucher. AntMyERP is integrated with Google Map.

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