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Expense Vouchers

Gain control and visibility of your Field Service Operations and Expenses, with an automated and integrated platform. We help you minimise your field service expenses to a great extent.

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Expense Vouchers


GPS based location tracking of AntMyERP captures the field service engineer's current location and auto captures the expected travel distance.

The Field Service Management Software has an in-built Technician Mobile App facility that enables the service engineer to view all tickets assigned to him. He can accept the service ticket and start his journey to the client site to solve the client’s Complaint.

During this process of ticket acceptance, he starts his journey with a click on the mobile app. The Service ERP software captures the engineer’s current location and the distance he is expected to travel based on the client’s location. This is auto captured into the system without any entry done for this auto mileage voucher.


The Service ERP captures the distance of the service engineer and automatically creates an auto mileage expense voucher against the service ticket.

AntMyERP mobile app auto-captures the distance to be traveled by the engineer and creates an auto mileage expense voucher into the system. This process is automatically taken care of without any intervention from the service engineer.

The voucher is created against each and every service ticket assigned to the engineers and stored in the system. This further goes to two-level approval by the senior or the HOD and then goes to the finance team for payment. This feature gives you control over your expenses claimed by the service engineers.

Approve & Pay

The ERP Software helps you gain visibility and control over your field operations and management. It gives you authority and accurate data for each expense vouchers created. You have the approval authority which allows you control to approve and reject them based on their accuracy and authenticity. The auto expense voucher once created into the Service CRM goes for two level of approval. Once approved the bill is paid to the engineers.

Approval by HOD

The auto mileage expense voucher is created into AntMyERP for every service or Preventive Maintenance ticket. The software automatically sends the voucher for approval to the concerned HOD. Once the HOD approves the voucher it again goes to the second and final level of approval, which is set into the software.

Final Approval

Once the auto mileage voucher is approved by the concerned HOD, it goes for second and final approval by the team set into the system. It could be the finance approval or any other. Once the final approval is given to the voucher, it starts to reflect in the pending payment entry of the finance or accounts team.


After two levels of approval, the voucher appears in the pending payment to the accounts team. The finance team will then review the voucher and the payment entry is made and the voucher amount is paid to the respective engineers. This applies to all auto mileage expense vouchers created into the system for the service tickets.


Reporting and insights are the core of any transaction carried out into the software. The reporting on the auto mileage expense vouchers gives you informed and accurate data on the claims made by the service engineers.

AntMyERP gives you complete visibility and control over your expenses claimed by the engineers. These auto mileage expense vouchers give clarity on the expenses incurred against the service tickets. It gives your authority to approve or reject the same.

The report and insights on the expense vouchers save you from the unwanted and unknown expense bills claimed by the engineers. You have informed and accurate data for every expense claimed against the field service tickets by the engineer. You can actually reduce your expenses to great extent by using this automated and integrated software which gives you the control and visibility of every expense paid by you as a company owner.

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