Streamlining Efficiency in Supply Chain Procurement through

Advanced Procurement Logistics Solutions

Let us agree that paper-based and manual procurement processes are both time-consuming and expensive. Enterprises have to invest a lot of time, energy, and capital, with procurement getting more challenging day by day. Leveraging the benefits of supply chain and procurement management software is the only key to profitably running an enterprise. With such a digitized system, enterprises can automate, optimize, and streamline their entire procurement logistics cycle in no time! 

Advanced Procurement Logistics Solutions

Purchase Requisition

Access all the purchase requests at one destination using our innovative procurement logistics software. From the 

  • Name of the requester
  • Date of the request
  • Product name
  • Quantity
  • Purchase order (PO) budget
  • Purpose
  • PO authorization
  • and finance authorization to PO status, 

know everything about procurement and supply chain at once! 

Easy Request For Quotation While Purchasing in Supply Chain Management

After the purchase requisition, get the next step for procurement and logistics in the supply chain management process in line within seconds. Using our request for quotation feature on the platform, ask for proposals about a potential purchase order from multiple vendors. Compare multiple quotations, analyze them, and manage them all via a single screen! 

View Pending Order Summary

Land on the sales order page from our CRM sales master and view the pending order summary directly. The list shows all the pending sales orders and the stock quantity compared to completing every order. The same list gives you an action button to procure the stock directly from the vendor to fulfil that particular order in real time! 

Alert stock through Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Did you ever imagine that a real-time report would help you procure stock in your enterprise? Well, now it’s true. AntMyERP’s alert stock report gives you a summary of the minimum stock quantity, closing quantity, in transit count, and balance stock concerning every item in your inventory. Using the same tab, you can procure new supplies directly! 

Why Choose AntMyERP?

AntMyERP is a flexible and efficient procurement management solution for enterprises. They exactly pay for the features they use, nothing more or nothing less. Besides this, there are the top three reasons why most enterprises choose us over our competitors:

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Supports Mobile-first Compatibility

Sales and rental businesses are becoming mobile-first, and procurement is no exception. Our cloud-based platform is one of the most effective mobile-first ERP tools that helps both enterprises and customers with internal processes and workflows. Now managing an enterprise is as easy as carrying a smartphone in your pocket. 

Easy-to-use Procurement and Supply Chain Management Solution

Navigating through AntMyERP’s procurement management software is super easy and convenient. With our easy-to-understand features, you need not possess deep technical know-how. You just need to get started, and for the rest, our experts have got your back. Also, you can access our knowledge-sharing database at any time if the need arises. 

Effortless Implementation of Procurement Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Our existing clients already thank us for the fastest deployment of our software and for helping them run their enterprises flawlessly. All you have to do is let us guide you expertly in every step to implement the software in your enterprise. Plus, you can reach out to us anytime, and in turn, we’ll provide you with round-the-clock support. 

Unimaginable Benefits of Procurement Logistics Software

Utilize advanced technology to reduce costs in procurement by implementing strategies such as vendor consolidation, effective category management, and efficient tender management. Smart procurement logistics software enables competitive pricing for stocked items, ultimately lowering overall procurement overheads.

Establish a resilient procurement system by conducting thorough risk analysis in modern enterprises. As procurement and supply chain management are intertwined, managing risks digitally becomes crucial. Strategic risk management is essential for successful procurement in the dynamic business environment.

AntMyERP’s extensive supply chain procurement system empowers teams to eliminate supply chain redundancies, achieving operational efficiency. Minimize manual workflows and eradicate double entries to streamline procurement and supply chain processes, ensuring efficiency on the go.

Successful procurement hinges on building strong supplier relationships. A digital procurement tool in supply chain management allows enterprises to segment suppliers and foster healthy relationships. The comprehensive procurement logistics portal also facilitates prompt resolution of supplier issues.

Leverage technology to streamline supply chain procurement processes with AntMyERP’s procurement logistics. From cost reduction and risk mitigation to operational efficiency and supplier relationship management, this comprehensive solution ensures that enterprises can achieve optimal procurement results in a digital environment.

No more unwanted delays in procurement with intelligent procurement management software like ours

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