Smart Service CRM

CRM Software for Field Service

A perfect Service CRM software for the Field Service industry that integrates Lead, Quotation, Sales Order, Customer Contract with Renewal,  Field Service Management, Inventory, Supply Chain till Auto Invoicing.

CRM Software for Field Service

Contact Management

Our Field Service CRM maintains your crucial customer and vendor contact in an arranged and secured form to perform Sales, Purchase, and service activities.

The integrated contact management tracks all customer and vendor contacts. It captures all relevant fields which can be used for effective Sales Management, Contract Management, Sales Order Management AMC Management, Purchase Management, and Service Management. 

You can manage multiple SLAs for each customer contract to ensure timely Field Service Management and Complain Management. Auto invoicing helps you generate invoices for customers and vendors with ease.

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Key Account Management

Our CRM Software helps you manage your key accounts and map it with key employees or engineers to manage sales and service processes.

AntMyERP helps you identify your top customers for effective Sales and Field Service Management. You can anytime check and monitor employees handling particular customers, device, or serial number.

You can track all CRM activities by the employees for any customer. It includes the task management, the communications, the proposals, and the engineer’s expense. It also includes the Field Service and Spare Parts used for that particular customer’s device in contract, with all Service Level Agreements mapped with it.

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Lead Management

AntMyERP effectively takes care for the CRM process starting from new lead inquiry to sales order execution. It stores all leads generated by sales team to effectively manage the lead stages, funnel, and status. You can manage all customer’s proposal and contract and ensure a perfect CRM process in place.

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Pipeline Dashboard

Manage your sales pipeline efficiently and accurately with the Service ERP. You can have complete visibility of sales leads with their status and values.

The sales pipeline helps you forecast the revenue for the financial year. It gives clarity on the expected business so that you may accordingly strategize your next sales activities. The dashboard gives accurate lead stages that help you monitor your sales team’s performance.

Pipeline Management

The sales pipeline gives an accurate picture of the leads, based on their stages (hot, warm, or cold), and thus helps you and the sales team to analyze their progress, and hindrances in sales closure, and take the desired steps.

Businesses can boost their sales, once they are aware of the lead funnel based on their stages, their status, and their sources. Hence pipeline management of AntMyERP helps you formulate the best possible strategy to boost sales.

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Lead Service Feasibility

The telecom and networking companies do site visits before sending quotations to clients. The engineers do the technical feasibility check which involves site visits to justify if their product can be successfully installed in that location or not. 

We help you manage relevant leads after getting clear confirmation from the engineers. Hence, it reduces the unnecessary sales efforts of the team members on such leads that could not materialize as a new business.

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Quotation Management

AntMyERP help you manage quotation for different Business Models like Sales, Rental, AMC, Visit Charges, MPS, and Unit Sales. This makes this Service CRM a unique solution in itself.

Customer’s quotation can be raised for all customer branches with information related to the product warranty, installation, and preventive maintenance if you will be providing the same.

You can add multiple product line items and spares to a proposal. The auto invoicing is managed effectively by providing the billing information as per your own billing generation type you follow for your business adding flexibility to your invoicing and billing.

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Contract Management

AntMyERP helps you manage all your customer’s contracts in one place.

AntMyERP helps you automatically log installation tickets and makes your process fast and accurate.  The ERP provides a dynamic Service Level Agreement feature that can be mapped with the customer’s contract for different products, locations, and customers. It forms an important part of Complain Management.

It helps you track your contract renewal on time without missing on dates of renewal. The Service CRM also helps you manage the Comprehensive and Non-comprehensive support types for products and spares. The approval system for contract termination restricts users to terminate the contract.

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Sales Order Management

Sales order management is critical in sales execution. The automatic challan makes the process of supply chain and dispatch process fast and automated with visibility of current stocks in inventory.

The Service CRM gives clarity on the orders received for various products and spares with their current availability in Inventory. This helps in the timely purchase of the products for timely stock availability in inventory.

AntMyERP helps you effectively manage your Supply Chain and delivery process of the products sold. You can manage multiple logistics partners for delivery and track the order status with the details of the person handling the dispatch.

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Team Collaboration

As the name suggests team collaboration is ensured through AntMyERP, as every module is interlinked with other modules of the Service ERP. Every module be it the Purchase Management, the CRM Sales Management, the Service Management, The Supply Chain/ Operation Management, the Inventory Management, the Asset Management, the HR or the Finance are interconnected to produce effective team management and collaboration.

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Task and Calendar

Through the software, the sales employees can manage and maintain their daily tasks and calendar. This helps improve their work productivity as they can plan their day and time beforehand. The meetings can be easily scheduled in AntMyERP. You have control and track of employees’ daily meetings and tasks.

Chat and Group Chat

AntMyERP gives you the feature where you can easily interact with other colleagues in the office. The user can either do individual chat or group chat through the software. Thus, connecting to users becomes easier and more user-friendly.

Documents Sharing

The CRM module allows you to upload and store documents for future references. The system stores the file forever. Deletion of files or documents is prohibited in the software so that there is no data loss. It can be easily shared with other users as well to ensure better sales communication.

Activity Management

All activities related to any lead are recorded in the Service CRM as CRM activities. The sales calls, the follow-ups, the meetings, the proposals, the contracts, the technician’s expenses, and all tasks performed against that particular lead are maintained for that customer. This helps in Expense Management, task management, and sales management in CRM.

The user can check the CRM activities performed by the sales employees for all customers in one place. Hence the activity management gives meaningful information to the management regarding the leads managed by the sales employees. It helps in improving the sales activities and future strategies for better sales.

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Campaign Management

Campaign management helps you record details of campaigns you participate. This feature of the Service CRM is useful to identify the profitability of each campaign you participate.

Through the campaign management feature, you can map leads received from a particular campaign. This further helps you manage multiple campaigns and map the leads from them. It helps you to analyze if the campaign, in which you participate, is fruitful in terms of lead generation or not.

You can calculate the campaign profitability based on the cost estimates you put with respect to the actual profitability the company makes out of that. 

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Sales Goal Management

You can systematically set sales goals for the sales team and keep a track of their target achievement with AntMyERP. An effective Service CRM tool to manage sales goals for team.

The CRM software allows you to set sales goals for each of your employees based on the current business requirement. It could be for new sales closures, business sales targets from existing clients, AMC business targets, new lead creation, or more.

The management can at any point analyze the target set for each employee and track what has been achieved. You can also see their pipeline, their pipeline shortfall and the target balance to be achieved monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. It helps you analyze your team’s performance and formulate strategies for effective sales and Service Management.

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Reports and Insights

Sales reports gives control on the current business sales cycle as well as on the projected revenue generation. You get meaningful and insightful reports on your sales leads and can track the sales team performance and improve their productivity.

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Sales Dashboard

Get accurate sales figures for the current month along with the entire financial year sales figures. You get accurate and informed data on the prospects, leads, and contracts. The dashboard helps you analyze your top-performing sales team, top clients, and top prospects who can give you business. The dashboard gives clarity on the pending sales orders, so you can ensure timely product delivery.

KPI Dashboard

The KPI dashboard provides insights and provides you with the trends and patterns of sales for your company. You get to know your top-selling products, the category, and the brands. It helps you plan your strategy for sales. It also shares the current trends and patterns followed for your products, and brands that are sold maximum, hence planning appropriate Inventory and sourcing of the stock becomes easy.

Advance Sales Report

AntMyERP provides advanced sales reports that help you analyze your sales, sales pipeline, your sales team performance, and total revenue generated for all branches. It indicates the accurate date and trend for sales and products sold. There are multiple parameters for sales reports that gives leads report the way you want. You get control over your team’s productivity.

Tender Management

Get complete visibility on the tenders you participate in with the Service CRM. You can create and record multiple tenders into the system and maintain a log of them. You can ensure that you do not miss out on the critical dates of the tenders you participate in, their deposits, the bank guarantees, exemption, and other documents. You can have them all in one place. 

You can maintain a log of all tender documents in one place. With the Service ERP, you can manage all tenders, and their documents are easily available for reference.

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Competition Insights

Competition analysis is necessary to improve your sales strategies and marketing plans. It helps you plan and strategize your sales activities.

We face continuous competition from our peers, and we need to analyze where we are going wrong in our strategies. We need to analyze our competition to improve our product line offering and services with new technology and trends.

With the Field Service Management Software, you can tag your leads as lost to a particular competitor. You get an opportunity to understand the reason for losing business to others. It helps to understand the sales and service loopholes and increases the scope of improvement in product, Service, and Complaint Management strategies.

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Sales CRM Integration

You can link your website’s inquiry page with our Lead Management Software. This means that when someone fills out a form on your site, their info will automatically be saved in our system and assigned according to your rules.

AntMyERP can be integrated with other software or platforms to produce effective reporting. The data can get integrated into this ERP and you can ensure your smooth business flow with much more enhanced productivity.

Our technical team is skilled in integrating other applications with this ERP if the API key is provided to us.

Automation in Sales CRM

The Service ERP has automated CRM process, where any sales contract done with customers create a list of sales orders pending for execution. This automated sales order list gives accurate order summary received by you, and you can accordingly plan your Inventory and Supply Chain process. The software creates automatic outward challans for orders ready for dispatch by the operations team. Once sales contract in in place, you automatically get notified for the device installation and a ticket is automatically assigned to the engineer mapped with the customer. The software simplifies the service ticket flow which is again automated with the CRM. The process of comprehensive and non-comprehensive service is automatically linked with the contract in place. Thus, you can ensure less of manual entries and more accurate and fast business operations.

Customization of Sales CRM

Adding a new feature to the existing system goes under customization. If you need a specific feature to build into the existing software, you can send us the working flow of the new feature. You need to share the required documents to support it. Customization timelines are shared with the team to ensure proper transparency. We will support and assist you with the new feature in the implementation and post that as well.

Task management

Create multiple tasks into the system and plan your daily activities. This helps you plan your day and your daily meetings systematically at one place.

You can create and manage multiple tasks into AntMyERP. Every user can create their tasks and activities for the day and can view them in one place. You have control over your sales team’s daily productivity which can be checked and improvised for new sales and better service.

You have a track of each and every customer meeting and the CRM activities done for sales management. It also helps to strengthen the service management as tasks for service complaint tickets and for device installation and Preventive Maintenance can be maintained and seen by each employee

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Lead Service Feasibility

Imagine you are sitting with a customer who wants you to give him information on how your organisation can service them across the country demographics and you just upload their service location and like an instant coffee you can show him which location you can serve him and how far is your service location.

AntMyERP’s software solutions facilitate cutting-edge experiences, optimized scheduling, self-ticketing and better coaching to the technicians. It, in turn, reduces complexity & costs while making both customers and enterprises happy & delighted.

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