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With PM Check list Software

Several industries, including fire equipment, HVAC and power plants, can’t afford any unexpected faults in their machinery. That’s where the process of preventive maintenance (PM) comes into the picture. To simply understand it, we say preventive maintenance is an act of implementing scheduled maintenance services of machinery and equipment to avoid any unexpected breakdowns in the near future.

With PM Check list Software

Pre-requisites of Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Before executing preventive maintenance of any machine/equipment, every enterprise needs to create a checklist. An Equipment Preventive Maintenance Checklist considers a few factors beforehand for superior results. They are as follows: 

  • Timely inspection of performance of machine tools
  • Checking for damaged or worn-out tools and replacing them if the need be 
  • Maintaining machine fluid levels aptly and changing air filters if the need be
  • Calibrating machines every day 

Scheduling PM With The Service Contract

The best thing about installing PM software is that you can schedule its preventive maintenance tenure along with making the service contract. Choose an option from monthly, quarterly, every six months, or yearly and receive automatic alerts at the time of its arrival. Plus, select the not applicable option on the dashboard for those contracts that don’t include warranty services or preventive maintenance.

Automatic and Manual Service Ticketing

Based on the auto-scheduling of PM, the software creates computerized service tickets for your upcoming preventive maintenance duty. You no longer need to worry about remembering the tenure of PM service calls of each vendor and customer, let the software do it for you! 

If a customer or vendor asks for preventive maintenance after a while of starting a service contract, you can create manual tickets using PM software. After creating manual tickets, you can still enjoy the same alerts, tracking and invoicing features, just like in auto ticketing.

Tracking Due PM Calls

Get handy the list of all the pending preventive maintenance calls for machines and equipment. Know the urgent requirements of any specific PM calls and track down their real-time status through the software.

Type of Preventive Maintenance Checklist

The collective of all the Checklist features you can create for the respective industry using AntMyERP Software

All Services Checklist

Leverage 360-degree visibility on all the open services with an ‘All Services Checklist.’  Track its current status, identify the urgency and assign available technicians towards its completion one by one from the checklist.

PM and Spare Part Checklist

Learn about all the PM requests by multiple customers and vendors at the same time using the PM Checklist. Get crucial insights into super important fields like requester company name, service ticket number, due date, latest activity, pending days, and contract type from a single digital space. Access the total number of spare parts requested, repaired, replaced and rejected during preventive maintenance service of each machinery or equipment through the Spare Parts Checklist.

Defective and Pending Returns Checklist

Get an idea whether the defective returns are still with the field engineers or in the company’s inventory via Defective Returns Checklist. Discover and download reports of preventive maintenance services provided to a company for each machine/equipment using its unique serial number.

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