Service ERP with

AMC management software

An intelligent  AMC Management Software like AntMyERP can aid enterprises when it comes to managing multiple devices, spare parts, and engineers at the same time. The AntMyERP dashboard displays information about all the Annual Maintenance Contract dues between the client and the vendor, thus making the lives of AMC managers easy.

AMC management software

Comprehensive and Non- Comprehensive AMC Management

Under the Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract, the vendor bears both the cost of spare parts and the labor involved in servicing. Under the non-comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract, the vendor only bears the cost of the labor involved in servicing, whereas the cost of spare parts is borne by the customer. 

Nominal and affordable rates are provided along with the timely Preventive Maintenance to  Keep up the authenticity of spare parts. In addition, Service ERP also ensures in getting the Service engineer support on prompt notice with the aid of Technician mobile Apps Service which in-turn provides a  peace of mind for the customers.

Warranty & Service Support

Experience the most sorted experience of warranty and service support with AntMyERP’s AMC Service Management Software. From assigning tickets to the field engineer, tracking the performance action on tickets, monitoring the status of service tickets, and maintaining a history of service log to getting customer feedback, do everything at the one-stop digital location.

AntMyERP manages both purchase warranty and sales warranty giving you better insights into your device warranty during AMC or RMA.

Expense Management & Auto Invoicing

Cut short the endless time and money getting wasted behind manual expense calculation and invoicing of the vendors and customers. With AntMyERP’s AMC Management Software, enjoy Automatic Expense Management based on complaints and computerized invoice generation after resolving each service ticket. 

Our Auto Distance Expense Voucher is created automatically once your technician solves the tickets and is assigned to his senior for approval and payment. You know the cost of servicing the device.

You will love our Auto Invoicing features which can easily manage all the reductions and addition during the functioning of your AMC Contract.

Real-time Asset Tracking & Classification

The AntMyERP’s AMC Management Software allows you to classify whether the device under AMC is of vendor’s or customer’s and whether they fall under comprehensive AMC or non-comprehensive AMC. Through the software, you can track all the devices individually and pull out their real-time information from the dashboard.

Reporting Tag features will help you to create multiple user tags for the device and attach multiple tags to each device for reporting purposes.

You can easily find out how many devices owned by you are at the customer’s place and how many are at your vendor location for repair.

Revenue and Service Traceability

The AMC Service Management Software features a revenue traceability option through which you can check the here & now profitability of the device. There is no manual way to track devices that cause you hefty repair costs compared to return on investment. The software empowers you to identify any loss-making devices from the customer’s or vendor’s side so you can eliminate them to amplify revenue. 

From how many devices you have served to date, the total count of services that happened for every device, and the number of engineers sent for servicing a particular device to the total cost incurred, you can fetch data on everything using AntMyERP’s AMC Management Software.

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