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Goal Management Software

In the rapidly changing world of business, managing sales goals is the key to sustained success and growth. It is where the plan needs to be materialized. AntMyERP’s goal management software can be your trusted go-to platform for managing various sales objectives. 

Our sales goal management is an extensive approach to leading your sales team to a great accomplishment. AntMyERP’s sales management software provides ideas, strategies, and tools to help you understand the concept of goal setting. The sales team management software not only helps you plan but also helps you implement the idea.

Goal Management Software

The Power of Goal Tracking Software

A structured-approach to goal setting is the key to unlocking the capabilities of your sales team. With our sales team management software, you can efficiently define, track, and accomplish your sales targets. By implementing this tool, you encourage your team to stay focused on what is more important.

By using our goal management software, you can constantly track the growth of your team’s productivity once you have set and shared a goal with them.  AntMyERP’s sales team software displays percentage stats for sales goal management vs. real target. 

This feature helps you identify tasks that are nearing completion and goals that are pending and require action. Being aware of your priorities helps you better plan your enterprise resources.

Understanding Goals through CRM Sales

The Goal Parameters field includes a parameter connected to the goal criteria, allowing you to set goals for your team members. In the Goal Criteria section, you can only edit the field names via the action option, with no possibility of adding anything else. For Goal Types, users can change the field names, but no additional content can be added.

Features of Well-structured Sales Management

Invest in a solution that not only meets your needs but also helps in building a sales team. This will assist in helping your sales plan achieve greater heights. Avail the benefits of the best goal management software at AntMyERP using these helpful features

Collect all Goal-Oriented Data

Utilize our top-rated goal management tool to gather all goal-related data. These include HOD names, team members, goal types, parameters, creation dates, starting and ending dates, etc. all from our best sales CRM.

Compare Criteria And Actual Goals

Using the dashboard of our goal management software, you can compare the criteria and actual goal standards on the go. The additional benefit of the portal is that you can edit the actual cost at any time. Sales Management lets you change it even after the sales goal activities have started or are nearing completion.

Take Prompt Actions

While you set & share sales goals with your team, the actual result might not meet your criteria. In this scenario, you can take prompt action by removing a sales goal and replacing it with a new sales goal. You can build steps to achieve goals that are more realistic and practical to achieve for your teams. It gives you the advantage of always making decisions in favor of your organization. All this can happen over our sales team management tools.

Data Acquisition with the Best Sales Tracking Software

Get a thorough goal report with the highlights of each campaign you have run at your fingertips through the best sales software. The report helps you get essential insights into target value, achieved target value and the percentage of achieved target. This helps to track team goals.

This report is more of a comparative study between the set goals and the achieved outputs. You can get ready-made details about the shortfall, both in amount and percentage, and further plan campaigns to cover the gap. This helps in achieving sales goals.

Get individual reports based on multiple goal types, including sales report, invoices, lead generation, etc. Goal-type reports are a graphical representation of what has been achieved against what was targeted.

AntMyERP’s best goal management app allows setting goals for multiple companies in the same industry vertical, providing a percentage-wise report displaying each sales rep’s achievements. These can be viewed against the time needed like daily goals, weekly goals, etc.

The sales lead CRM provides a detailed report of new customers obtained to meet sales targets. Discover new customers, billing values, numbers, and charts in one place. AntMyERP’s sales team tracking app is the best source for the required information.

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