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CRM for Telecom Industry

Our service ERP software is a vital instrument for configuring and managing complex business processes associated with the telecom industry. We ensure that you can adapt our CRM Software for Telecom Industry to transform your legacy systems.

We not only offer multiple features, but also better ease of use with an engaging user interface. Managing your business with a vision for the future becomes easier with Ant My ERP. Whether it is customer service or managing your sales leads, you can simplify every process according to your telecom business goals.

CRM for Telecom Industry

Manage your Lead and its service feasibility

When you deal with the enterprise customer’s lead, the first thing they want to understand with you is whether your organisation is capable to handle their service feasibility distributed at the vast region.

Our telecommunication ERP system is designed to manage such enterprise leads and provide you with real-time insight into the service feasibility of customer requests at ease.

Enterprises and Tender business management

Managing your Enterprise and Tender business is very easy with our CRM software for telecommunication industry. Our Lead management works like an advanced task management system and also we have an in-depth Tender Management module to take care of your bigger Telecom business from the government.

All these are with integrated document management tools to help you with the better lead visibility.

A Truly Service CRM software for telecom industry.

Some common challenges faced by Telecom Industry are service management along with field service engineer expense vouchers and integration with IoT devices or OEM systems.

Service Management at the remote location

Our Service CRM solutions for telecommunication are equipped with in-depth service management tools. Installation and preventive maintenance of telecom equipment across the vast region are the biggest challenges for Telecom ISP business associates.

With our Field Service Management software you can easily manage your service calls either with your own service engineer or from your service partner engineers.

Expense Management of the Service Engineer at a vast spread location

Since Telecom ISP business associates have to manage the most complex installation and preventive maintenance for telecom equipment, they hire huge field service engineers. With the volume of service tickets, the next challenges that come are the distance expense voucher and other expenses for service tickets.

Our CRM solutions for telecom businesses can create error-free Auto Expense Vouchers as per the distance travelled by your service technician.

Integrating with IoT or OEM

Our Service ERP for the telecom industry can be integrated with your IoT-based telecom devices to create complete service automation. Your service tickets will be auto-logged and assigned to the location-based active service engineer via Google Maps, thus removing lots of human work and dependency.

Ant My ERP is also integrated with many OEM service help desks, which further makes your service process automize.

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