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Field Reporting Software

A business yields on its employees. It relies on analyzing the way they are performing. This is where field reporting comes into picture. AntMyERP gives you a meaningful and insightful reporting structure. It helps you improve your current service management process based on your AMC contract type (Comprehensive/ Non-Comprehensive). You can see tickets from clients, their status, the engineer working on the tickets, the parts used during service, the defective parts details, and the engineer’s performance.

Field Reporting Software

Real-Time Reporting with Field Reporting Software

Field management provides real-time data on team productivity and progress, enabling managers to identify and address issues as they arise. Cloud-based field reporting takes this to the next level. It provides access to data from anywhere. You just need to have a reliable internet connection.

A few of the real-time reports which add great value to the managers are Call Volumes, SLA Breached, Spare Parts Claimed, Time to the site, and many more.

With the help of the real-time data of field reporting, managers can take proactive decisions to improve service efficiency and thereby increase customer satisfaction.

Role of Mobile App in Field Service Application Software

AntMyERP comes with powerful Technician Mobile Apps which gives the power in the hand of the technician to perform their work without much dependency on other team members.

Mobile technicians can claim spare parts. They can also refer to the knowledge articles if they need any technical guidance on a particular problem. Due to mobility, you can easily calculate these critical metrics like Travel Time, Time to site, Distance Travel, Distance-based Mileage Expense Voucher, and many more.

Our mobile application saves cost by prompting the technical to view the next Preventive Maintenance due and help them to close the same on the same call.

Performance Evaluation With Management Reporting System

Live tracking isn't just a convenience but a game-changer for your business. By optimizing your workforce and ensuring that your technicians are where they need to be, you can provide exceptional service to your customers and boost your business.

Live Tracking in Field Reporting App

Imagine the frustration of not knowing where your field service technicians are or if they’re completing their tasks on time. This can lead to missed appointments, angry customers, and lost revenue. However, with live tracking in the field reporting, you can put these worries to rest.

Live tracking isn’t just about profits and efficiency. It’s about the safety and security of your team. In an emergency, you need to be able to quickly locate and assist your technicians.

Track Defective Spare Parts Through Reporting Systems

As a business owner, you rely on your technicians to provide top-notch service to your customers. Unfortunately, sometimes defective spare parts can slip through the cracks and go unnoticed. This can lead to a loss of revenue and customer trust.

Our Field Service Management Software with real-time field reporting solves this problem by informing the management and technicians. They inform you as to which defective spare parts they have to return for further action.

Evaluate Technicians Through Field Insight Reporting Software

Our report format allows you to easily compare the performance of two or more technicians, giving you valuable insights to help make informed decisions.

Not only does our report provide you with data-driven metrics, but also allows you to track your technicians’ progress over time. By comparing their performance with their peers, you can identify areas of strength and weakness, and implement targeted training and development programs for your technicians.

Performance Metrics in Field Service Application Software

The first-time fix rate measures how often a technician is able to fix a problem during their first visit. This metric is critical because it directly impacts customer satisfaction. When you have a high first-time fix rate, you can reduce customer downtime, increase loyalty, and boost your reputation.

Response time is the amount of time taken for a technician to respond to a service call. This metric is crucial for ensuring that your customers receive timely service. When you have a fast response time, you can increase customer satisfaction. 

Resolution time metrics measure the time taken to resolve a problem or issue, ensuring efficient service management and customer satisfaction.

Downtime is the amount of time that your customers experience service disruptions. This metric is important because it directly impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty. By tracking downtime, you can identify areas for improvement and reduce the impact of service disruptions on your customers.

The technician utilization rate measures the time taken by technicians on a service call. This metric is important because it helps you optimize your workforce and increase profitability. When you have a high technician utilization rate, you can be assured that your technicians are working efficiently and generating revenue for your business.

Future Trends for Service Software

Predictive field reporting is becoming increasingly essential in staying ahead of competitors and driving business successfully. By embracing future trends and forecasting, businesses can transform their operations to become more proactive and efficient. Predictive analytics lead to predictive maintenance, enabling service technicians to identify issues before they occur, reducing downtime and improving customer satisfaction.

By using our customized tools, businesses can optimize their operations, streamline processes, and deliver better service, ultimately leading to increased profitability and customer loyalty.

Stay ahead in the game. Start leveraging future trends and forecasting in your field service reporting today. Talk to us for a customized solution.

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What are the different types of Service Reports you can expect from AntMyERP

Measure service level agreement (SLA) compliance and identify areas for improvement

Optimize equipment utilization by tracking usage patterns and identifying underutilized assets.

Monitor the status of returned merchandise authorization (RMA) requests for timely resolution.

Track open service tickets and prioritize workload based on urgency and impact to customers.

Monitor service ticket volume, resolution times, and customer satisfaction levels.

Optimize spare parts inventory levels and track usage to ensure timely replenishment.

Identify and address common product defects to improve customer satisfaction.

Track loaned equipment and repair progress to ensure timely return and resolution.

Schedule preventive maintenance based on usage patterns and reduce downtime.

Monitor service partner performance and track service quality to maintain customer satisfaction.

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