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Unlocking Excellence: Strategic Insights with Supply Chain Reports

Take Supply Chain Reports on an operationally streamlined journey. These reports provide a clear view into the flow of goods and information within your firm, simplifying complex issues. With Supply Chain Reports, you can track inventories and optimize logistics while gaining real-time information to make more informed decisions. Find out how effective your supply chain is, where it needs to be improved, and how to perform better overall. These reports are your reliable resource in the field of logistics, converting complex data into workable plans for a more adaptable and efficient supply chain management.

Let’s look into the various reports our software provides.

Unlocking Excellence: Strategic Insights with Supply Chain Reports

Challan Register

The Challan Register Report is the primary resource for keeping things organized amidst the disarray of arriving and departing goods. Think of it as a committed journal, recording each arrival and departure with great care. This report guarantees accuracy and clarity when managing your inventory, regardless of whether it is based on contract-based transactions or loan/ repair. It serves as a trustworthy guide, making the sometimes difficult work of tracking items easier. This report gives you an easy way to monitor the flow and ebb of things, which improves your ability to easily manage and arrange your inventory. It is the feature that all the businesses require if they want to keep the most difficult part i.e. the inventory running smooth.

Logistic Register

The Logistic Register report makes sure that everything is supplied on schedule and concentrates on external challenges. In simple terms, it records all the modes of dispatch and the details related to it from Docket No. to TAT (Total Turnaround Time) and invoice. It even helps to charge the delivery firm a penalty if anything takes too long. The organizations can keep a close record and can charge a penalty to the courier companies if they do not stick to the SLA and the TAT is not met.

Loan/ Repair Register

This report includes the details of all the products that have been loaned to other organizations from our inventory. It covers the delivery notes of the products which come in for repair and have to be returned to the customers after repair. Also, to make things streamlined, it does not have the details of the products that are against contract because the service agreements for them are different and do not hit the inventory directly.

Return Register

By combining all delivery notes/ challans related to the things that need to be returned, the Return Register Report streamlines the otherwise complicated process of managing returns. This report provides a consolidated picture of the return process for both vendor pickups and consumer returns. Organizations may effectively handle returns by giving customers information and control throughout the return path of items, reducing obstacles and preserving customer happiness.

Dispatch TAT in Supply Chain Report

The Dispatch TAT Report, created for companies who value accuracy in dispatch timeframes, gathers comprehensive data regarding dispatch partners and related schedules for various goods and locations. Determining city grades based on dispatch timelines is a crucial function of this report, which enables firms to improve delivery efficiency, streamline logistics, and guarantee customer happiness. For companies dedicated to providing accurate and timely product delivery, the Dispatch TAT Report transforms into a strategic tool with an emphasis on partners and deadlines.

Quality Check in Supply Chain Report

The Quality Check Report is a vital tool for companies that are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in their inventory management. The thorough quality inspections that are done on products prior to their entry into inventory are the main topic of this report. The team guarantees a thorough quality check, ensuring that only products fulfilling strict standards make it into the inventory, whether it’s inbound goods from MPS, rental services, or products acquired through Goods Receipt Notes (GRN). This report serves as a barrier, safeguarding the inventory’s integrity and reassuring clients of the company’s unwavering dedication to excellence.

Elevate your inventory control by embracing the Supply Chain Reports.

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