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Equipment Rental Management Software

No enterprise can operate without the appropriate technology. A company needs technology from time to time to run several operations smoothly, whether laptops, telephonic devices, CCTV gadgets, or fire equipment. However, every organization cannot invest a pool of money in purchasing these technologies. Thanks to the IT rental companies that provide all the technologies to various industries on rent but they have their own share of challenges. To help with that AntMyERP provides the best equipment rental management software.

From keeping the count of devices and tracking them to ensuring profitability from the rental operations, everything is quite a challenge. However, our equipment rental management software would be happy to help.

Equipment Rental Management Software

Grow with Our Equipment Rental Software

Now you can manage and boost your rental business with AntMyERP’s equipment rental management software. A One-stop software solution for your business needs. You can improve your device’s traceability with an automated business solution to increase performance with reduced errors. Few of the services it covers are:

  • Customer & Vendor Management
  • Rental Proposal/ Quotation
  • Field Service Management
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Repair & Replacement Management
  • Inventory Tracking and Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Expense Management
  • Auto Invoicing

Customer and Vendor Management with Rental Software for Equipment

For any rental business, there is always a challenge in managing their customers as well as vendors at a single place. However, our equipment rental management software is there to serve your needs. 

You can easily accept assets on rent from a vendor and rent them further to another business in need while allowing AntMyERP’s rental software to manage the rest of the things for you.

Whether you are renting out your assets to corporates or retail customers, AntMyERP’s rental company software will help you control everything in between.  

Features of Rental Business Software

Asset Tracking

Our consolidated equipment rental management software is more intelligent than the average spreadsheet. Practically, it is impossible to keep the manual records of thousands of rental devices on excel sheets. It consumes more time and effort. Instead, our software lets you record each rental device and access information about each of them by simply adding its serial number to the software.

Inventory and Stock Management

You can track all your rental inventory at one destination. You can track the total count of inventory customers hold individually or collectively and the geographic location of each inventory. Moreover, you can keep an all-time history of inventory stored at your warehouse and inventory in possession of your customers on our cloud-based rental inventory management software.

Service Management and Automated Invoice Generation

Now, you can apply AntMyERP to your rental business operations and efficiently track the number of times you have served a rented device. Also, you can get insights into service charges and related profitability from every single rented device. Additionally, you can also enjoy the automatic invoice generation feature on AntMyERP’s small business equipment rental software and send paperless alerts to your customers each month. 

Benefits of Rental Inventory Management Software

Be efficient by fetching real-time data using the best equipment rental software within a few seconds. 

Keep an eye on each of your assets and ensure maximum utilization with the rental software.

Get real-life insights into your rental business revenues and make profitable decisions.

Monitor rental business in relation to the KPIs and ensure cost-cutting at each step.

Accelerate your Business with the Our Rental Software for Equipment

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