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IT Assets Management Software

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AntMyERP – Helps you manage your capital assets as well as your customer asset lifecycle.

Our Field Service Management software comes with a Fixed asset barcode system to track all your assets.

IT Assets Management Software

Assets Categorization

Categorize your assets with precision at our service ERP. Create multiple levels of asset categorization through our IT asset management software.

Our software understands and systematically categorizes your assets, which can be an important aspect of your enterprise.

Effortlessly categorize, subcategorize, and tag your devices based on their serial numbers. You can include categories like IT equipment or workplace furniture.

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Warranty Management

Your ultimate solution to warranty assurance is at AntMyERP.

Our warranty management software is all about keeping our vendors informed. It’s how we believe businesses guarantee that their assets meet expectations, and if anything goes wrong, they have an action plan for fixing it.

Successfully manage your assets with our product warranty management system. Manage the purchase/vendor warranty for your assets as well as the customer warranty for the assets you issue to your vendors.

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Asset Lifecycle Management

A well-managed and optimized asset management system is the foundation of any business. Our advanced asset lifecycle management software is your one-stop solution for simplifying, enhancing, and redefining the way you handle your valuable assets. AntMyERP helps you manage and track all your valuable assets throughout their lifecycle. Manage your asset procurement, sales, service, and disposal through our asset tracking software. Our system helps you manage the depreciation of your asset based on its health, the spare parts used, and the servicing done. It also helps you manage the disposal activity of the device. As a result, our IT asset management software takes care of everything.

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Our cloud-based fixed asset management software helps you manage the asset procurement/ purchase process. You can manage multiple vendor quotations and manage the approval process. The fixed assets management software helps you manage the inward of the device after a proper quality check and the GRN process. Using our fixed assets management system, you can easily manage multiple purchase orders, seek management approval, and manage the product warranty.


The Asset Management software helps you assign your assets systematically, with visibility of the assets used for clients or for personal use. All your IT assets can be tagged and categorized based on your business requirements. If you want to utilize certain devices only for your sale or rent or for your company’s self-usage, it can be done with ease. You get visibility of devices mapped as per their usage and as per the business model (if to be used for rental business/ sales business/ self-usage) you follow.


Our fixed asset register software helps you analyze the health of your assets based on their usage, service breakdown calls, and spare parts used. You can very easily track the warranty of every device as well as the asset life and health of the device. With the breakdown history and parts history, you can analyze and plan for asset disposal. The asset disposal activity becomes simple, and accurate decisions for disposal or scraping can be made based on its life and health.

Assets Bundling

The fixed asset management software helps you all with a specific feature where you can bundle different spare parts to make a final device, asset, or primary product. 

Through our IT asset management software, the user can very easily assemble parts and create a primary device that can be sold, rented out, or consumed for self-business purposes.

You can track the Spare Parts used on the primary device during any breakdown calls. The parts can be swapped and can be easily maintained through the service ERP.


Create an organized and reliable workplace for your team with our Asset Management Integration. 

Our assets management software is developed to integrate with your various software solutions and programs to work together seamlessly and efficiently.

Enter the possibility of asset management integration, where you can now experience the combination of your distinct asset management tools. Through this integration, carefully monitor, manage, and optimize your assets.

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Warranty Extension Management

Acquire the benefit of AntMyERP’s exemplary Warranty Extension Management software, where your reliability is not just maintained but also extended. Experience the process by which your business and vendors can benefit, leading to continuous profitability even after the first purchase of your assets.

Feel the transparency of our warranty management software, which will guide you to clearly pitch your warranty extension options during your first purchase. You can effortlessly register and extend your asset management with our extended service contract and be at ease after that.

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Reports and Insights

Avail the benefits of AntMyERP’s assets tracking app, which provides you with insightful reports on your assets, which makes your IT asset management and tracking simpler and easier. The assets tracking app helps you analyze your asset, their life, their health, their current location, their tags, their categories, etc. Our software gathers valuable reporting information in one place, making it easily accessible.

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Assets Register

The fixed asset management software helps you manage your asset register with complete accuracy and informed data. The asset register gives information on the asset starting from its purchase, supplier details, warranty, supplier invoice details, and the purchase amount with its purchase date. The register gives information about the asset, such as if it’s under AMC or if the AMC has expired. Thus, complete asset information is available in one place in AntMyERP’s assets tracking app.

Assets Loaning and Return

The Service ERP helps you manage your device repair and loan history very effectively. Whenever any device is outwarded or sent on loan/ rent, or repair, you can easily track it with our asset management software. This helps you analyze your devices given for repair by vendors or by yourself. It is also useful in analyzing devices received for return/ replacement from customers.

Assets Movement

Acquire reliable information about your asset movements with our IT asset management software. At AntMyERP, we analyze your device movement with complete information on all the inwards and outwards done to the device. The assets management system gives information on the devices you manage for yourself or for your clients, along with their current location and movement history.

Activate your untapped potential, simplify your processes, and maximize control with our powerful Fixed Assets Management Software.

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