Revolutionize Your Profits with Our Advanced

Inventory Management System

The Inventory Management System in our Service ERP lets you track stock profitability across various Business Models. Easily view device movement history and spare parts usage, gaining insights into breakdown calls for a thorough analysis of device profitability.

Inventory Management System

Gain Profitable Insights

Discovering how profitable your stock is becomes easy with AntMyERP’s user-friendly inventory management system. Track device movement, spare parts usage, and breakdown history effortlessly, allowing you to analyze the profitability of specific devices.

Regardless of your business type (sales, rent, AMC, MPS), you can trace device profitability. Identify your fast-moving, slow-moving, or non-moving products, and check their aging with just a few clicks. The software enables you to see and analyze your profit-making devices based on purchases and sales. Breakdown calls and spares consumed provide a clear picture of the profit you’re making.

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