ant my erp



The Service ERP helps you find out the stock profitability while managing different Business Models. You can see the device movement history along with the spare parts used. It gives you clarity on the breakdown calls and hence helps you analyze the device profitability.


Stock profitability can be easily seen through the inventory management at Ant My ERP. The user can at any point see the device movement history, their spare parts used history, their breakdown history, and hence analyze the profitability of any particular device.

Depending upon the business you follow (sales, rent, AMC, MPS) the device profitability can be traced. You get to know your fast-moving, slow-moving or non-moving products and see their ageing at any point in time with just a few clicks. Through the software, you can see and analyze your profit-making devices based on their purchase and sales. The device breakdown calls, the spares consumed on it gives a fair idea of the profit you make on them.

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