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Software for Medical Devices

Resolve productivity challenges through comprehensive Field Service Management and automation features of Ant My ERP service software. You can choose our service Software for Medical Devices sales, service and rental businesses to establish control over every aspect of your business. We help you with innovation in your conventional business model with significant value benefits.

Software for Medical Devices

Service Management for Healthcare Industry

The medical equipment sales, service and rental industry is an integral part of modern healthcare systems, and so is your business. You can use our Medical Equipment Management Software or track your medical devices and equipment in stock or at the customer’s location.

Ant My ERP offers you the ideal tools for managing your medical equipment and devices throughout the sales cycle. We have also included the functionality for tracking equipment health, enabling better efficiency in optimizing Preventive Maintenance schedules with the air-tight SLA.

Our expertise in Field Service Management Software will surely be a backbone to your customer service.

AntMyERP Software for Medical Equipment Rental Business

If you are in renting your medical equipment, you need to explore our Medical Equipment Rental Software. AntMyERP is one software which is tightly integrated with all your business departments and processes.

The challenges medical device rental companies faces are:

    • Real-time assets deployed location.
    • Inward Quality Check during return management
    • Timely and accurate invoicing as per contract.
    • Spare Parts and Inventory
    • Rental recovery visibility for each serialised medical equipment.
    • Profitability of each serial number and each contract.

Our Medical Device Rental Software will be your one-stop solution for your medical sales, service and rental business

Business Management of Medical devices

AntMyERP is an industry-specific software focusing on field service management as a core module. You can easily run your medical device business with us and set a clear path for your future growth.

Business Automation

You can automate almost every business process, starting from lead generation to sales, operations, and services. Our service CRM solution enables invoice automation features with the ease of integrating your financial records to enable accurate billing.

Invoice automation helps your business in removing different bottlenecks in your business processes for different departments. On top of it, we also provide the facility of creating your manual invoices, thereby ensuring flexibility for specific use cases.

Asset Control and Management

Apart from the benefit of tracing equipment health, our ERP Software for Medical Devices and equipment asset management offers precise details about your devices. You can also maintain a detailed record of the spare parts allocated to your service engineers and the devices using the Spare Parts.

With our Software for Medical Equipment Industry, you can better control of your assets as all our modules are integrated with each other.

Service Quality and Control

Our AMC management and service management features also help you stay updated with your contract obligations, thereby improving customer service.

Your business can also discover a revised way of working with the automation of different significant parts of the sales cycle. We can help you achieve the benefits of automation in more than just your invoices with our service ERP software.

Grow your medical devices sales, service and rental business with Ant My ERP

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