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AntMyERP is one of the Best Field Service Management Software in India which integrates and automates Sales, Purchase, Service, Inventory, Assets, Supply Chain, HR, and Finance.

Now managing a huge number of field technicians at multiple locations has become simple with Technician Mobile Apps. Track your technician’s live location with an automated Service CRM. Auto assigning of service tickets to the nearest technicians saves time. Manage their field expense with a powerful and dynamic GPS Expense Management System.


Tickets Scheduling and Management

The Field Service Management software has a strong Ticket Management that allows you to track all tickets assigned to your company by customers. Manage your Preventive Maintenance tickets with proper scheduling and assignment.

The Field Service Management software helps you to manage all breakdown Complaints and Preventive Maintenance tickets efficiently. Technician Mobile App allows to attend to the tickets and solve them. They can upload the service reports and take customers’ signatures as well.

You can also bulk assign service tickets and PM tickets to an engineer for customers in the same location, so that engineer’s travel time is reduced. You can ensure fast time management and task management for all tickets.

Spare Parts Management

Spare Parts Inventory tracking and management is a big challenge when managing large number of customers and devices. Issue parts to employees, record and track it.

The Service ERP helps manage spare parts very accurately and you have control of all parts with the engineers and all parts received for repair or sent for repair to vendors. The Spare part Inventory management allows you to issue spares to engineers, and track their status of usage. Engineers can raise spare parts requests from the technician’s mobile apps while attending to clients’ complaints. You get a strong approval system for part requests.

The service CRM alerts for pending defective parts return from the engineers. So you do not lose money on those parts which could have been misused.  Inventory is automatically adjusted with each outward and inward spare part.

Service Performance and Reporting

The field service management software helps you gain control on the service technicians. The Service ERP software helps you plan and assign your complain tickets to the nearest engineers. You can accurately manage all Spare Parts repair / replace effectively. With Dynamic SLA in place the service response time is effectively managed with different customer’s contract.

Repair/ Replace Stock Management

The Service CRM helps you manage the repair and replacement of Spare Parts for multiple customers at the same time. The engineers can raise Spare Parts requests from the Technician Mobile App and solve the service ticket. The Supply Chain and Operations process is effectively managed with every detail of the device inward and outward for repair and replacement. The Inventory is automatically updated based on these tasks. This process can be used for various Business Models, be it Sales or Rental, MPS or AMC. You can ensure complete Assets movement and track.

SLA Management

The Field Service Management software helps you improve your service with dynamic SLAs. You can create multiple parameters for SLAs and map them with different customer contracts, different Assets in various locations. There is a proper escalation matrix that can be defined for improving complaint management and thus improving service performance. You get notified of all complaint tickets for which the SLA is breached. It helps to improve the engineer’s performance and service response time.

Engineer's Performance Tracking

The field service is accurate with the technician’s mobile apps, which helps the engineers to work on the complaint tickets and manage the spare parts effectively for repair and replacement. The engineers can solve the tickets through the mobile apps and they get ratings for the service delivery. You can view, monitor, and compare your engineer’s performance with the Service CRM.  You can also view the number of calls they attended, closed, and distance traveled by them. Thus the service ERP improves customer services.

Dynamic Expense Voucher Management

Easily and accurately manage the engineer’s Expenses with the Field Service Management Software, AntMyERP. The automated vouchers help you track and monitor the engineer’s expenses and are created automatically based on the distance traveled by them. The two-level approval system for the voucher claims helps you accurately manage the field engineers.

The Service ERP allows automatic and manual voucher creation with the technician’s mobile apps that go for approval. The Auto Mileage Vouchers are generated based on the GPS location traveled by them. After approval, it is paid to the engineers. You gain control and visibility of all engineer’s claims and it builds a strong mechanism to control expenses.

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