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Sales Activity Management Software

Activities of any sales team is crucial for any business. Their time is precious as money. The time they invest in trying to convert a lead is essential for the business. The time they spend in making cold calls, follow ups, sending emails or giving demos are all equally important. However, managing all activities is quite a task. That is where our sales activity management software comes into picture.

Our Sales CRM software helps you to gauge all the time spent by a salesperson in performing various tasks. It can help you make informed decisions on if the task is fruitful or not.

Sales Activity Management Software

How can AntMyERP’s Sales Management Software help?

When it comes to managing sales information, our sales activity management software excels in various aspects. Sales teams can streamline their workflows through end-to-end planning from managing the leads to giving them quotations and then finally converting them to customers. Moreover, the sales reporting software for small businesses has interconnected modules. It provides a seamless environment for managing all sales activity logs, including emails, calls, and other essential tasks. This is the best way to track sales activity which are of prime importance for the CRM sales team.

Improved Productivity with Sales Pipeline Software

Sales representatives can use our sales activity management software to jot down crucial notes about their sales tasks and sales support activities, functioning like a digital notepad for keeping important details in check. Additionally, the system aids in Last Contact Tracking, helping the sales team remember their recent interactions with customers and plan future engagements, similar to a helpful calendar prompting sales lead follow-up. Furthermore, the system facilitates Expense and Time Tracking, ensuring that all financial and time-related aspects are monitored efficiently. This integrated approach ensures your sales team stays organized and connected, ultimately boosting pipeline sales.

Activity Tracking with Sales Activity Management System

Our b2b CRM helps to track various aspects of a sales activity. Few of them are:

Record Meeting Using Sales Activity Management Planner

AntMyERP’s sales activity management software offers a streamlined meeting tracking system. Think of it as a digital log, noting key details like dates, participants, sales follow up process and topics. Never miss vital meeting information, stay organized, and maximize your business interactions. You can create a meeting lifecycle where you can manage different stages of your meeting along with the Minutes of the Meeting.

Manage Calls with CRM Service Software and Sales Mobile App

Your sales team can easily track both the calls, either incoming or outgoing they have made and the time they have spent on that call. The sales mobile app records the details of either a prospect or an existing client. This helps them make a note of the calls made or to be made. This sales activity tracking helps the salespeople to a large extent.

Monitor Emails Via CRM Activity Management

There is an option in our sales activity management software where the sales people can directly email the contacts managed by them or which are mapped under their name. This makes a tedious task easier for them. All the email communications can be seen at one place in the sales activity dashboard.

Effect of Sales Platform Software

AntMyERP’s sales activity management software is a versatile tool that benefits various stakeholders within your organization. For Sales Representatives, it means increased efficiency, streamlined sales activity planning, and better prospect interaction tracking, helping them identify sales leads. For Management, it offers valuable insights into prospect behavior and enhances decision-making by providing a consolidated view of all sales activities. The sales performance platform helps to gauge the effectiveness of the activities performed.

Parameters in Sales Activity Report

In our sales activity management software, the sales people can easily track their productivity. They can take out the report of time spent talking or creating sales leads or interacting with existing customers. Hence the software takes care of the entire sales lifecycle management.

When you keep an eye on all the things you do with each potential customer, you can figure out how much money you’re making compared to what you’re spending. This helps you make smart decisions because you have valuable information about what’s working and what’s not in your business. It’s like having a financial report that tells you if your efforts are paying off.

This report majorly shows all the leads managed by a salesperson. The leads they have won, analyze the sales team’s performance and the customers invoiced. This helps them analyze their performance as well as the loopholes they need to work on.

The Total Lead Analysis report shows all the parameters and activities done for the leads. This helps the sales team to analyze and make better sales activity planning.

Sales Team Report is a report comparing the performance of the sales team and comparing them according to the KPIs. This helps to get a better idea of the efforts and results given by the sales executives. There are different dashboards for the company and the sales representatives.

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