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When we talk of inventory management the first thing that pops into our mind is keeping stock of the commodities. However, it is much more than what meets the eye. Inventory management is held on a large scale while an inventory control is when you look into more details. This is the basic difference between inventory control and inventory management. It requires to keep a closer look on the day-to-day business which can be quite challenging. That is when our inventory control software comes into picture. Welcome to AntMyERP’s game-changing Inventory Control System! It helps you know exactly what’s in stock, making informed decisions and ensuring timely stock availability.

Inventory Control Software

Stock Management with AntMyERP’s Inventory Software

AntMyERP’s inventory control software for small business changes the way organizations keep track of their stock control. It has advanced features and an easy-to-use interface that make stock inventory control smooth and quick. Our inventory barcode software helps you improve centralized inventory management by setting real-time stock amounts and automated reorder points. It keeps you from having too much or too little supplies, so you always have the right amount on hand. The equipment inventory software also gives you detailed insights and analytics, which help you make choices based on data. Take charge of your equipment inventory management with our software.

Strategic Inventory Placement Using Inventory Controls

AntMyERP’s inventory software with barcode scanner uses barcodes to track items. This means each product has a unique barcode that the system reads. When items are scanned, it creates a detailed report. This report helps keep track of how much of each product is in stock. It’s like having a very organized list that shows exactly what’s available. This level of detail gives businesses tight control over their inventory. So, using our inventory control software with barcodes, you can see exactly what you have anytime.

Consumption Reports in the Best Inventory Control Software

You can generate detailed consumption reports with AntMyERP to reduce delays caused by material shortages. Gain insights into spare consumption, device consumption, and care pack consumption, enabling your business to avoid excess inventory.

Spare Consumption Analysis in Inventory Control System

AntMyERP’s inventory control application includes spare consumption analysis, generating month-wise reports on spare consumption. This report includes models, brands, and categories, aiding in successful inventory management.

Device Consumption Planning Using Inventory Management System

AntMyERP’s invoicing and stock control software offers a device consumption report with monthly insights. This includes categories and averages, assisting in analyzing future device consumption and associated costs.

Care Packs Consumption With Inventory Control Tools

AntMyERP’s stock and inventory app offers a care pack consumption report. It includes reports of different types of inventory control systems. It has the details of all the care packs associated, their consumption and expiration details.

Inventory Movement Monitoring Through Stock Control System

AntMyERP facilitates proper control over inventory movements, offering detailed reports on product types, categories, part numbers, and locations across branches. This ensures optimal inventory management and control for your small business.

In order to assist businesses in meeting their inventory requirements, the inventory control software offered by AntMyERP makes use of barcodes. To prevent you from running out of your stocks, it notifies you when the quantity of an item is getting low. This ensures that there are no delays when completing orders or satisfying the requirements of customers. Moreover, the system makes it simple to place orders with suppliers for additional inventory whenever you need to restock your supplies. 

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