Manage Field Services efficiently and effectively with AntMyERP‘s inbuilt integrated HRMS. You can mark live attendance, apply for leaves, manage leave balance, and also apply for expenses through the Technician Mobile Application. The system generates salaries based on the attendance check-in and check-out timing of the employees.


Employee Repository

Maintaining your workforce database becomes more simplified and easier with AntMyERP. You can add/manage your team members with all their professional and personal data including birthdays. Colleagues can also access each other’s contact details via web browser as well as through mobile applications. A new joiner can get to know the office timing, policies, holidays, KRA, hierarchy from the software itself and there’s no need for another team member to explain the same. The assets issued to each employee can also be managed and tracked. They can also chat with each other with the help of a chat box.

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Employee Directory

AntMyERP maintains all employees’ data in the system for use in the various departments. These employees can perform activities of CRM sales, Services, Supply Chain and Operation, Finance, and admin. or more. This data is utilized to assign or work on leads, service tickets, and other operational works in the company for all branch locations.

Assets Issued to Employee

AntMyERP gives you a feature where you can track all Assets which you issued to your employees. Thus, you have complete control of your stock or the spares you give to your engineers or employees. You have complete visibility of the stock/ parts consumed or not consumed by the engineers.

Employee Offboarding

The system makes the process of employee offboarding smooth without much drastic change in the current business operation. Any user who leaves the company can be terminated without losing any of the information. Hence any pending dues can be effectively taken care before the person leaves the organization.

Statutory Management

Manage the employee's ESI, EPF and Professional Taxes

Through AntMyERP you can effectively manage your employees’ statutory information. Information on their professional taxes, their ESI (employee state insurance), and their EPF (employee provident fund) can be seen in one place. It maintains records of the statutory detail of employees wise, month/year-wise, and the contribution by employee and employer. Thus, the salary generation process becomes fast, easy, and less time-consuming with reduced manual work.

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AntMyERP helps you mark your current live location check-in and check out through an easy-to-use mobile application. This completely eradicates the manual and age-old methods of maintaining registers for attendance. The software makes the HR process more simple and transparent with almost no possible human errors.

The software makes the life of the service engineers and coordinators easy by marking their live location attendance, which gives clarity to the coordinator in terms of resource allocation for Service Complaint tickets. It also helps in the automatic salary generation and reports of the attendance can be seen for reference.

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Leave Management

Managing leaves for employees becomes easy with the use of automated software AntMyERP. It helps maintain leave status, leave balances. If not used, there’s also a facility for leave encashment. The leave status report is there for HR or the management.

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Leave Creation

All employees can apply for leave through the mobile app or the web.  They can create and seek approval for leave. Once leave is created it goes for approval from the senior. Once approved or rejected it gets adjusted in the monthly attendance and the salary is generated. You can check your team’s leave status and leave balances.

Leave Carry over Rules

The software allows you to manage your leave carry forward based on the leaves they are entitled to, leaves taken, or adjusted. The HR rules can be set in the masters and accordingly the leave carry forward and encashment can be taken care of.

Holiday List

AntMyERP allows you to manage your holiday list in the system. This makes your attendance and leave process more accurate and precise. You can define your holiday list as per your branches. Different locations have different set of holidays and hence can be managed easily with this software.

Shift Management

Manage different shift timings for your employees for all your branches.

You can manage different shift days and different shift timings for your employees through AntMyERP.  Their attendance can be tracked based on the shift days and timing allotted to them. Over-time shifts can also be managed and tracked for the teammates. So, managing rosters and multiple shifts becomes easy and automatic with the help of this software.

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Automated Payroll

Payroll management can be simplified and automated with AntMyERP. The admin can define the HR rules in the software and accordingly the salary is generated on the specified date of the month.

You can ensure timely and automated payroll through this HRMS Software. The HR can manage pay schedule, salary components, and statutory components like EPF, ESIC, and PT when defining the rules for automatic payroll management.

The salary slip is generated automatically based on the attendance, leaves, and over shifts of the employees. Hence once the HR rules are set into the systems it makes the process of salary generation much easier and faster.

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Expense Management

Now manage dynamic expense voucher with AntMyERP. Tracking and managing employee expenses are a big task in the service industry specially if you have more service engineers. There are many possibilities that you are not able to track the accuracy of the expenses raised by the employees or the engineers. Hence there is a need of an automated system which helps you track the accuracy of the expenses.


In the general expense voucher category, the employee can raise the expense voucher manually through the mobile app or web browser by uploading the relevant bill or document of proof. After submission, it goes for dual approval from the defined authorities who checks and approves or can reject it on certain grounds.

Distance and Auto GPS Voucher

Distance traveled by the engineers is the need of the hour that every company wants to track for its engineers. With our automated GPS and distance voucher, you can easily track the total distance traveled by them in a time period and approve the vouchers accordingly. It makes the process faster and more transparent and removes the possibility of human errors.

Odometer Expense Voucher

Here the expense voucher is generated by putting the car/ bike meter readings for the start and the end of the journey. Hence, they get paid according to the kilometer they traveled. The reimbursement for the distance amount is set beforehand as per the company rules and norms. The technicians get paid once they are approved by the seniors and accounts team.

Mobile Apps

AntMyERP comes with a user-friendly mobile app that facilities fast Field Service Management and improves HR processes. The employees can mark their attendance through the mobile application. They can very conveniently check-in and check out and their attendance is marked with the appropriate date and time. The user can apply for leave, see their teammates with contact details, and can check their monthly salary.

The mobile app notifies the service engineers of the service tickets assigned to them. The engineer can resolve the ticket through the app and can also raise spare parts requests. The engineers can also raise expense vouchers.

Document and Templates

Manage multiple document and templates at one place in AntMyERP

In the HR module of AntMyERP you can manage multiple documents. You can very easily upload documents in pdf format, or jpg format, and store them for future use. All documents uploaded into the systems are properly indexed and can be shared for use.

The software maintains each and every document and template uploaded forever. The documents cannot be deleted and hence are very securely maintained in the system. Hence you can ensure easy access to the document and template anytime anywhere for Sales or Service

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Task Management

Create multiple tasks into the integrated HR tool for yourself or for your team and assign them. Get notified for all tasks and track its status.

AntMyERP helps you manage your daily task very effectively. Through the software, you can create different tasks and assign them to your team and keep track of them.

You can manage your employees’ daily tickets or tasks with their status. You also get the notification for the task created by you, hence chances of missing out on them are negligible. The entire team can manage their own task in one place and ensure the best productivity for the company.

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Timesheet management helps you analyze your workforce’s daily activities and their productivity. Through this feature of AntMyERP, you can create your daily meetings, internal or external with clients and update them. You can easily track the time spent by your employees during office hours. Hence you have control over your employees and you can ensure the best productivity from them.

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Reports and Analytics

Get accurate and timely reports for all employees.

The HR module of AntMyERP gives reports on the attendances, leaves, and salaries of employees. It also gives you employees’ reports of working hours, overtime, and bonus approval. You can track all the expense vouchers raised by the employees through the system and can plan your HR policies. You have complete visibility of the assets you issue to your engineer along with their consumption status. Thus, the software ensures an automated process and helps reduce manual work and extra time taken to maintain registers.

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Integration is possible in AntMyERP

AntMyERP can be integrated with other HR applications or HR software. All you need is to provide us with the API keys and your job is done. You can ensure the best productivity in the HRMS.  You need to share the API Key and it can be synced to provide meaningful data in the HR working flow.

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