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AntMyERP is a cloud-based solution designed for service providers. Created and managed by professionals from the sales and service industries, it covers all your specific needs, including field service management, contract management, rental management, managed print services, and asset management. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!


Accessing AntMyERP

You can start with the free demo for 15 days for a trial run before you invest in us. The free version of AntMyERP contains all the features of a live premium plan. If you are a registered user, then you can directly log into our ERP.


Importing your Customer, Vendor, Product and Stock

Crucial imports to start your AntMyERP Applications are





You can easily import them into our system with our sample download functionality.

With AntMyERP you can perform the following transactions.


Purchase Transaction

You can create different purchase transactions for your vendors, like

Vendor Management

Purchase Order Management

Purchase Requisition


Sales Transaction

You can create different sales transactions for your customers, like:

Lead Management

Tender Management



Service Transaction

You can manage service transactions related to the field engineers. Some of them are:

Service Ticket Management

Mobile Apps

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)


HR Transaction

Your HR team can collaborate and take care of the well-being of your employees through some HR transactions like:

Leave Management 

Payroll Management

Overtime Management


Supply Management

You can manage all the logistic-related things with some of the following features:

Logistics Vendor

Outward Delivery Notes

Good Receipt Note (GRN)


Assets Management

Manage all your company assets with some of the following features:

Active Device

Warranty Management

Care Pack  Management


Inventory Management

Manage all the spare parts along with the bigger devices. You can use some of the following features:

Product Bundling

Stock Adjustment

Stock Transfer


Finance Management

Manage your finances with the following features:

Purchase Management 

Payment Management

Receipt Management


Task Management

You can now manage the tasks using some of the following features:

General Task Management

RMA Tickets

Service Ticket Management

Apart from these modules, we have the following utilities which make the life of the user easy


Approval Management

Some transactions, like expenses, quotations, sales orders, and purchase orders, need one or more levels of approval. You can decide which users need approval permissions and proceed accordingly.



The timesheet is synced to service tickets, meetings, log time and other internal activities or service transactions.

Learn More.


Document Management

The Document feature in AntMyERP can be considered as a personal drive space for all your documents. You can upload and share documents with this feature. Learn More. 


Portal for all stakeholders

We provide portals/ access to the users depending on their needs. They are:

Employee Portal- Your employees can access their details through this portal.

Customer Portal- You can enter customer details and other sales transactions through this portal.

Vendor Portal- You can enter your vendor details and purchase transactions through this portal.



AntMyERP is already integrated with many third-party applications like

Google Map




India Mart


Learn More about Integrations



All modules come with many in-depth reports. In case you wish to know in detail about a specific report, please get in touch with our support team.

Learn more about the different types of reports.



The dashboard provides you a bird’s eye view of all that a management will ever need.

Learn more about Dashboard.



Our system is designed so that our developers can easily customize it to meet your needs. If you need any ERP customizations, please contact our support team.


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