FAQ on Purchase Order


How do I specify the expected delivery date of a purchase order in AntMyERP?


To specify the expected delivery date of a purchase order in AntMyERP, follow these steps:

Create or Edit Purchase Order: Begin by creating a new purchase order or editing an existing one.

Locate Expected Delivery Date Field: Look for the “Delivery Before” field within the purchase order form. This is where you can input the expected date of delivery.

Enter Date: Input the expected delivery date in the “Delivery Before” field. This helps communicate the timeline to the supplier for order fulfillment.

Save Changes: After entering the expected delivery date, save the changes to the purchase order.


Can a Cancelled Purchase Order be Recovered in AntMyERP?


No, once a purchase order is cancelled in AntMyERP, it cannot be recovered. If you need to proceed with the order, you will need to create a new purchase order.


What Should I Do If the Wrong Product Is Added in a Purchase Order?


If an incorrect product is added to a purchase order and a Goods Receipt Note (GRN) has already been taken, please follow these steps:

Initiate Purchase Return: Begin by initiating a purchase return for the incorrect product. This will help facilitate the return process with the supplier.

Create New Purchase Order: After the purchase return is processed, create a new purchase order with the correct model number or product details.

Generate GRN: Upon receipt of the correct product from the supplier, generate a new Goods Receipt Note (GRN) for the accurate product.

By following these steps, you can effectively rectify the situation where the wrong product was added to a purchase order and ensure that the correct product is received and accounted for.


Why Isn’t GST Capturing on Transportation and Courier Charges When Making a Purchase Order in AntMyERP?


GST may not be automatically capturing on transportation and courier charges while creating a purchase order in AntMyERP. However, you can address this by following these steps:

Create a Product for Transportation Charges: Instead of directly adding transportation charges as a separate line, create a specific product in AntMyERP for transportation charges.

Add Transportation Charges as a Product Line: In the purchase order, add the transportation charges by selecting the newly created product for transportation. This way, GST will be captured as part of the product line.

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