Understanding Authorized Service Provider (ASP)

An Authorized Service Provider (ASP) is a business that has tie ups with the original manufacturer of the product to provide assistance to the customer in case of maintenance.

ASP service request is created in case of a third party involved. The organization is handling an ASP and hence needs to log a ticket for the same where the information is required with client details as well as machine/ product details.



Navigate to the Left Menu > Settings

Look for the Business icon and click it, Under Business Preferences, click on Is ASP business. 



Navigate to Settings > User Roles.

Select the employee you want to give ASP Permission to and scroll to the right.

Select Edit option from the Action dropdown menu.

Go to the Permissions tab.

Press Ctrl+F and enter the word ASP. Enable all the permissions related to ASP.

Click on Save.


Log an ASP Call

Navigate to the Left Menu > Service > Open Service 

Click on + sign to create a new service ticket.

Select ServiceTicket from the list.

Add the name of the ASP customer. A new window will pop up

Here, click on the + sign from the right.

Add Contract number created with the customer.

Add the new machine details here and save.

It will get redirected to the main window.

Here, add the details on this form like customer branch name.

Also, add the serial number of the product.

Mention who is working on it in the Assignee box.


Add the ASP’s details

Add customer name and contact details.

Add the date of the case creation.

Enter the PIN code. This will auto-fill all the location details.

Add a title for this call. 

Save and you will be back on the previous page.


Visit Call Log

Visit call is logged in cases of emergencies. It is a one time service call. 



First, create a Visit call contract with the customer, after which you will only be able to create service tickets.

Navigate to the Left Menu > Service > Open Service 

Click on the + sign for quick add. Click Service Ticket. 

Enter the company name. A new pop-up window will appear.

Click on the + sign from the right hand.

Fill in all the details.

Save and it will be redirected to the previous page.

Here, add customer address. 

Fill in all the details.

Mention the % done. This is to specify the level of completion of the product/ service.

Add the problem the engineer needs to fix.

Click on Save and exit.


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