Understanding Transaction Approval

Your employees can make transactions and send them for approval after you set up transaction approvals for your business. The person who has approval access can check the transactions and make changes before they are approved. This keeps any mistakes from happening in the transactions.

AntMyERP comes with built-in Approval Management Systems that make it easy for you to handle various transaction approval processes and Approval workflows, such as approving quotations, leave requests, purchase orders, and sales orders.



Navigate to the left menu > Settings.

Click on CRM Sales > Quotation.

Under the quotation settings, Check the Quotation approval box.

Click on Update.


Using Transaction Approval 

Navigate to the left menu > CRM Sales > Quotations

Click on three dots, Click on Proposal authorization.

Default setting can be seen here. Select Default.

Select the employee that has to approve. 

Second option is the Product category and the third is the business wise category. 

Select any option and Click Update. 

Note: Until the select number of employees has given the approval, it cannot be shared with the customer. 

It will now be shown in the pending quotation index view. 


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