Understanding Admin reports

In the reports sub-modules of organizational setup, there are various reports which can be viewed by the user.


Generate Reports for Admin

Navigate to the Left menu > Settings

Look for the Reports icon, Click on that.

This section contains Admin reports

There are four reports shown here. Let’s look at them in detail.


Log Report

This report shows the various activities performed by any user in the ERP. This report essentially helps the management keep track of the activities performed by any of the employees in the organization. 

The user can enter the name of the desired employee and can see what work has been done by him/ her during the course of the day.

The various fields/ tabs under the log report are:

  • User Name: The name of the employee.
  • Ip Address: The ip address of the machine from which the employee is working.
  • Actions: The actions related to the activities are selected from the dropdown options available.
  • Description: Description of the task or the comments on the ticket made are visible under this section.
  • Date-Time: Date and time of the action is recorded here.


Chat History

The Chat History report shows the chat done internally by the employees in the ERP. A super admin can view the chat histories of all the employees.

The fields/ tabs under this report are as follows:

  • Sender: The name of the person sending the message.
  • Receiver: The name of the person receiving the message.
  • Message: The Message sent. 
  • Date Time: The date and time of the message/ conversation.


Rating Report

This report has two tabs which shows the star rating/ performance rating of the employee on a particular ticket. The tabs are:

  • Internal: Rating of the employee given by the internal team on the particular ticket. The report has fields including User Name, Ticket Number, Company Name, Branch Name, Rating, Reason and Date Time.
  • External: Ratings given to the employee by the external users i.e. someone outside the organization falls under this tab. In other words, the customers give their rating to the employees from their portal. The field names are the same as the Internal Rating Report.


Autodesk Data Conflict

Our integration acts as a link, keeping your information up to date regardless of where it originates from. Our clients can use this API Integration to reduce errors, address data conflicts and increase overall data correctness. It is designed specifically to address data discrepancies between our ERP system and our client’s data. 


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