Understanding User Roles

An organization has various departments and employees with different roles. For any organization using ERP, it becomes essential to give access to the employees only depending on their roles and responsibilities. AntMyERP helps you in user management and sets accurate permissions for them.


Setting Permissions

Navigate to the left menu > Settings > Users & Roles.

All the users will be displayed here. The name of the user, the email address, the super admin access, their respective group, status and creation date will be listed.

Search the name of the user you wish to grant permissions to.

Go to Action > Edit. 

All the permissions of ERP will be shown under the Permissions tab.

Select the module you wish to give permissions to or you can just search the keywords using Ctrl+F.

Select the Allow radio button to give the permissions. If you select the Inherit radio button, it will make it invisible from others. 

You can see all the permissions given under the Admin tab.

Click on Save.


Note: The user having Super Admin permissions has access to the entire ERP system. For different roles, there are different permissions related.


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