Understanding Announcement

The Announcement feature in AntMyERP is a feature that allows the organisation to make an announcement internally.

Here are some common examples of announcements:


Announcements can be made for various events.
  • For instance, if your company receives an award, they might want to share this news with all users.
  • Similarly, if your company is organising events, they’ll want everyone to be aware of them.
  • Announcements can also be used to celebrate employee birthdays.



Announcements can be created only by the users who have the permission to do so. To provide the permissions, go to User & Permissions


Creating Announcement

Navigate to the left menu> HR> Team/ My HR/ Reports.

On the top bar that appears, click on the three dots.

Select the option Internal Announcement from the dropdown list that appears.

Click on the plus button.

A pop up window will appear. Enter the desired details.

Click on Save and Create.


Viewing Announcement

An announcement is visible as pop up to all the users logging into ERP after 11 seconds of its creation.

The other way to view Announcement is by navigating to the bottom menu> Announcement icon. A window will pop up with the announcement.


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