Understanding Settings Preferences

Setting Preferences in AntMyERP refers to all the preferences one sets depending on the user roles. Availability of features should be dependent on the job role. Hence, the facility of changing the settings preferences comes in handy.


Navigating Setting Preferences

Navigate to the left menu > Settings> Settings.

The following options will show up under the Preferences tab:


Project Title

The name of the dashboard is displayed here. This will be displayed under Loan/Repair Register as Creator Name.


Project Subtitle

The subtitle of the dashboard is displayed here. This will be displayed in the browser page name.


Per Page

The number of search results on a single page will be visible here.


Active Email

By checking this box, auto mail would be sent.


Manually Email

By checking this box, a manual email will be sent.


Active SMS

SMS can be enabled by checking this box.


Invoice Classic View

Invoice Classic View can be set by checking this box. Else, the normal invoice will be visible.



The country name will be displayed here.


Date Format

The date format can be chosen from the options – DD-MM-YYYY or DD-MM-YY or MM-DD-YYYY or MM-DD-YY.


Time Zone

The time zone can be selected from the dropdown options.


Time Format

The time format can be selected either from 12 hour or 24 hour options. 


Name Format

The name format can be selected from the options – First Name, Last Name or Last Name, First Name or First Name, Middle Name, Last Name.


Financial Year Start Month

The start month of the financial year can be set here.


Financial Year

Setting the financial year start month will populate the year automatically.


Home Currency

The home currency can be selected.



Language can be selected from the options provided – Hindi, English or Turkey.


Product Lift User Email

Email address used for Product Lift integration can be entered here.


Active Chat

By checking this box, the chat box can be enabled.


Multi Currency

If your organization deals with Multiple currencies, this check box needs to be checked.


Authorize Rounding Off Amount

Document where we need to display Amount with or without Round Off  we can enable/disable from here.


Multi Branch

If your organization has multiple branches, this checkbox needs to be checked.


Enable Prefix and Suffix

By checking this box, the format of the prefix and suffix under Finance setting the individual Branch of every document like Proposal, PO can be changed.


Stock Location

In case you have multiple branches, the stock location of the branches can be viewed by checking this box.


Enterprise Paper License

By checking this box, activates the product license.


Approval System

By checking this box, the approval system can be set for approval and authorization.


Extra Part Request Email

In case any part request is made, the email address entered here would receive email regarding the part request.


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