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Can I change my portal name? Will this cause any impact in AntMyERP?


Yes, you can change your portal name in AntMyERP by setting up a CNAME (Canonical Name) record to point to the new domain. This change typically won’t cause any significant impact if done correctly, and your AntMyERP technical team will be able to assist you throughout the process.

CNAME Configuration: A CNAME record is a DNS (Domain Name System) record that points one domain name to another. When you change your portal name, you’ll need to set up a CNAME record that directs the new domain to your AntMyERP portal.


How can I make the Reference Number field not mandatory in service tickets within AntMyERP?


To display product prices on outward challans in AntMyERP, follow these steps based on the different scenarios: For Outward Challans Auto-Created by Sales Order Process:

Access Price Settings: Go to “Settings” in AntMyERP and select “Operation.” Configure Price Display: Find the “Price for Outward Challan” option and apply a checkmark to enable it. Save the updated setting.

Auto-Created Challans: When a sales order is processed, and outward challans are auto-created, the product prices will now be included in the challans.

For Manual Creation of Outward Challans: Add Products: While manually creating an outward challan using the “+ Add Details” option, include the required product details including the serial numbers.

Add Price: After the serial number field, there should be an option to “Add Price for Challan.” Enter the product price associated with the challan.

Update and Save: Complete the challan details and save the information.

For Editing Challan Prices: List of Outward Challans: In the listing page of outward challans, find and select the specific challan where you want to add prices.

Edit Price Action: Look for the “Price” actions button and click on it.

Update Challan Price: Edit the challan price as needed and save the changes.


How can I enable the entry of profit data while creating a quotation in AntMyERP?


Q: How can I enable the entry of profit data while creating a quotation in AntMyERP?

A: AntMyERP allows you to have visibility into the profit for each individual product within your sales proposals. To enable profit data entry in quotations, follow these steps:

Access Sales Quotation Preferences: Log in to your AntMyERP account using your credentials. Navigate to the left menu and click on “Settings.” From the left menu, select the third option, which is “Sales.” Under the “Sales” section, choose “Sales Setting.”

Enable Sales Profit for Quotation: Within the “Sales Setting” section, look for “Quotation Preferences” and click on it. In the “Quotation Preferences” page, locate the option labeled “Sales Profit For Quotation.” There should be a checkbox associated with this feature. If you want to enable profit visibility for each product in your sales proposal, mark this checkbox by ticking it.

Save Changes: After enabling the “Sales Profit For Quotation” feature, be sure to save your changes. Look for an “Update” or “Save” button and click on it.

Entering Profit Data: With the feature enabled, when you create a new quotation, you should have the option to enter profit data for each individual product. Look for fields or sections related to profit within the quotation creation process. Enter the relevant profit data as needed.


How to Assign the Same Client PO Number to Multiple Contracts in AntMyERP


If you need to utilize the same Client Purchase Order (PO) number for different contracts within AntMyERP, you can do so by adjusting the system settings. Here’s how:

Access Sales Settings: From the left menu, proceed to “Settings.” Click on “Basic Setting.” In the left menu, find the 3rd option labeled “Sales.” Click on “Sales” to access sales-related settings.

Access Quotation Setting: Within the Sales settings, search for “Quotation Preferences.” Click on “Quotation Preferences” to enter the quotation settings.

Search for the Field Setting: In the quotation settings, search for the setting you enabled earlier: “Remove Validation Inside Customer Contract Form For The Customer Purchase Order Number Field.”

Enable the Option: Locate the setting and activate it by checking the checkbox.

Save Your Changes: After enabling the setting, remember to save the changes. By following these steps, you’ll allow the utilization of the same Client Purchase Order (PO) number for different contracts. This can be particularly beneficial when clients use a single PO number for multiple transactions.


How to Add Office Timing in AntMyERP?


To define office timings in AntMyERP, follow these steps: Access HR Settings: Log in to your AntMyERP account. From the left menu, click on “Settings.” In the settings section, locate and click on “HR.”

Access HR Setting: Within the HR section, find the 3rd menu labeled “HR Setting.” Click on “HR Setting” to access HR-related configurations.

Access Others Tab: Inside HR Setting, you should find various tabs or sections related to HR management. Locate and click on the “Others” tab.

Search for Office Timing: Within the Others tab, look for an option related to “Office Timing.” Use the search or filter functionality if needed.

Add Office Timing: In the Office Timing section, you should see an option to “+ Add Office Timing.” Click on this option to define the office timings.

Fill Details: For each office timing entry, provide the following details:

Day: Select the day of the week (e.g., Monday, Tuesday).

Day Type: Specify whether it’s a working day, half day, or non-working day.

Start Time: Enter the starting time of the office hours.

End Time: Enter the ending time of the office hours.

Save Changes: After entering the office timing details, make sure to save your changes.

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