Understanding Inventory Report

Inventory Report is a consolidated report of all the products that have been best sold or purchased. AntMyERP helps you assess just that to get a clear picture of what is working out for you.



Navigate to the left menu > Settings > Users & Roles.

Select the employee you want to give Inventory Report Permission to and scroll to the right.

Select Edit option from the Action dropdown menu.

Go to the Permissions tab.

Enable the permissions Manage Consumption, Manage Product and Manage Inventory Report.

Click on Save.


Viewing Inventory Report

Navigate to the left menu > Inventory > Reports.

A list of following types of inventory reports will appear.



This report shows the location of the opening stock/ PO Inward GRN.


Product Report

It shows the product details which includes all the active as well as inactive devices.


Inventory Movement

Inventory Movement, as the name suggests, helps to track the movement of inventories which are moving fast, slow or not moving at all. The pace has to be decided by the company. This is known as the stock movement bucket. For instance, 0-30 days can be categorized as fast moving inventory.


Alert Stock

An organization has a minimum stock value for a Specific Product. If the organization’s stock value goes under the minimum count, an alert is generated. This report shows just that.


Device Consumption

The consumption of all the devices month wise are listed here.


Spares Consumption

The consumption of all the spare parts month wise are listed here.


Care Pack Consumption

The care pack consumption of all the devices month wise is listed here.


Cartridge Consumption Report

The consumption of the toner month wise is visible here.


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