Understanding Manual Invoice

Invoice is a list of goods and services provided, with a statement of the amount to be paid for the same. It is a bill which shows the amount due to be paid by the customer or the company.


Create Manual invoice

Navigate to the left menu > Finance > Invoice

Open Invoice

Click on the Plus button on the top right side of the page. Here, click on Tax Invoice

Note: The manual invoice is purely a tax invoice. 

A manual invoice form will open

Fill in the Invoice number, date, and name of the person on the invoice.

Fill in all the mandatory fields.

In the Add Item section, any product can be added. 

Note: It is not connected to any Inventory because it is purely a tax invoice.

After, filling all the fields,

Click Save.

Note: Here, We can edit Manual Invoice for any change.This feature is not available in Auto Invoice.



  • The bills under Unit sales will be shown as Sales category instead of being indicted as Unit under the Invoice Type column.
  • The Pending tab shows bills under the Unit, Visit and Rental businesses. MPS Pending bills have a separate tab for its bills
  • The Visit Bill is generated the next day after the call is logged and closed. The call should be logged through the mobile app only.
  • If the Generate Invoice is chosen as After for any of the businesses then the date for Bill generation must be chosen a month after the Bill effective date.
  • The AMC bill effective date is entered in the contract where all the product details are recorded. The Bills are generated before or after depending on this date.


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