Why am I unable to inward a product that was sold in AntMyERP?


Q1: Why am I unable to inward a product that was sold in AntMyERP?


A1: Inwarding a product that has already been sold may require a different process, such as creating a sales return, due to its sales contract status. Follow these steps to properly manage the situation.


Q2: What is the reason for not directly inwarding a product sold under a sales contract?


A2: When a product has already been sold to a customer under a sales contract, it needs to be managed differently to maintain accurate financial records and contractual agreements.


Q3: How can I proceed if I need to inward a product sold under a sales contract?


A3: To properly handle this situation, follow these steps to create a sales return: Navigate to the Invoiceing Information under the Contracted Proposal.

Generate an Auto Invoice and locate the generated Invoice Number. In the Left Menu, access “Finance Sales Register.” Search for the sales Invoice number and click the Action button.

Choose “Sales Return” to initiate the sales return process. Open the form and select the items you wish to return using the checkboxes. Save the sales return, which triggers an auto-inward process and generates an inward challan.


Q4: Why is creating a sales return the recommended approach for inwarding the product?


A4: Creating a sales return ensures that the proper financial and inventory adjustments are made, maintaining consistency in your records and adhering to contractual agreements.


Q5: How does the auto-inward process work within the sales return?


A5: The sales return process triggers an auto-inward for the returned product, which then generates an inward challan to reflect the change in inventory status.


Q6: What happens to the financial records when a sales return is created?


A6: When a sales return is created, it generates an offsetting entry in the financial records, accounting for the returned product and adjusting the revenue accordingly.


Q7: Can I create a sales return for multiple items simultaneously?


A7: Yes, when creating a sales return, you can select multiple items for return using the checkboxes provided.


Q8: How do I ensure accuracy when creating a sales return and inwarding the product?


A8: To maintain accuracy, carefully follow the steps outlined in the provided process, ensuring that you select the correct items and quantities for the sales return.


Q9: What should I do if I encounter any issues or have questions during the sales return process?


A9: If you encounter difficulties or have questions while creating a sales return and inwarding a product, reach out to AntMyERP’s technical support or consult with experts familiar with the system.


Q10: Is it important to keep track of the inward challan generated after the sales return?


A10: Yes, the inward challan reflects the returned product’s updated inventory status. Keeping track of this document is essential for maintaining accurate inventory records.

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