FAQ on Templates


How can I stop email notifications in AntMyERP?


Method 1:

Using Email Templates

Access Email Templates: From the left menu, navigate to “Settings.” Look for the “Templates” option among the new menu icons at the top of the left menu bar. Click on it. Navigate to Email Templates: Within the “Templates” section, go to the “Email Templates” tab.

Find Relevant Email: Search for the email you wish to stop by its subject. This helps you identify the specific email template associated with the notification.

Disable Email Notification: Once you’ve located the desired email template, remove the checkmark or mark it as inactive. This action will prevent the system from sending the email notification for that particular transition.


Method 2: 
Using Global Settings

Access Global Settings: Again, from the left menu, navigate to “Settings.” Look for the “Setting” option.

Modify Active Email Setting: Within the “Setting” section, find the option labeled “Active Email.” Uncheck this option and update the setting.


How can I enable automatic email notifications for service tickets in AntMyERP?

AntMyERP provides the ability to automatically send email notifications for service tickets using email templates. Here’s how you can enable this feature:

Access Email Templates: Log in to AntMyERP with your credentials. Navigate to the left menu and select “Settings.” In the “Settings” section, find and click on the fourth option, which is “Templates.” Under “Templates,” select “Email Templates.”

Enable Required Templates: In the “Email Templates” section, you can configure various templates for different stages or activities related to service tickets. Look for the specific template related to “Ticket Call Login.” You can use the “Search in Subject” feature by entering “Email For Ticket Call Login” to quickly locate it. To enable automatic email notifications for this template, ensure that it is turned on or activated.

Configure Email Content: Within the email template, you can customize the content that will be sent to the client when a service ticket is created. Depending on your setup, you may have templates for various stages or actions in the service ticket process, such as assignment to an employee or communication with a vendor.


How to Create and Manage Offer Letter Templates in AntMyERP?


While you cannot directly send offer letters through AntMyERP, you can create offer letter templates within the system and use them whenever needed. Follow these steps to manage offer letter templates:

Login and Navigate: Log in to your AntMyERP account. From the left menu, click on “Settings.” Access Company Setup: In the settings section, find another left menu. Click on “Company Setup.”

Navigate to HR Settings: Within the Company Setup, look for the 3rd menu or section, which might be labeled as “HR.” Click on “HR” to access HR-related settings.

Access Letter Templates: Within the HR section, explore the options until you find “HR Settings.” Click on “HR Settings.”

Letter Templates Section: In the HR Settings, navigate to the 9th tab, which could be labeled as “Letter Templates.” Click on the “Letter Templates” tab to manage your letter formats.

Create New Template: To create a new offer letter template, click on the “+ Add Letter Template” button. This will open a form for you to define the details of the template.

Fill Template Details: In the template creation form, provide a relevant “Title” for the template, which could be something like “Offer Letter Template.” Select the appropriate “Branch Name” to associate the template with a specific branch, if applicable. Add a brief “Description” to help you identify the purpose of the template.

Save Template: After filling in the template details, click the “Save” button to create the offer letter template. By following these steps, you will have successfully created an offer letter template in AntMyERP. You can now use this template as a foundation for generating offer letters for candidates.

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