Understanding Email Templates

Email templates are a predefined email layout that have all the basic content ready. It may not be required to write an email every time you need to send one. This saves time and error in some cases. Email templates also make sure that they adhere to the brand guidelines. For example, if an email needs to be sent to the user each time a service ticket is logged. This can be sent in one click if the template is defined.


Setting Up an Email Template

Navigate to the left menu >Settings > Templates.

All the email templates will be visible here.

Click on the Email SMTP Settings tab. 

Enter all the details and click on Update.

To activate email, go to Settings and check the boxes Active Email and Manually Email.

Click on Update.


Viewing Automated Email Templates

Navigate to the left menu >Settings > Templates > Emails.

All email templates will be displayed here. 

You can check the Active checkbox to make it active.

In case you wish to edit anything, select the desired template and scroll to the right.

Click on Action > Edit.

Make changes to the template and click on Save & Exit.


Creating Email Templates

Navigate to the left menu >Settings > Templates.

Click on the plus button on the top right hand corner.

Enter the details and click on Save.


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