FAQ on Quotation


How can I set default terms & conditions on my Quotation in AntMyERP?


Log in to AntMyERP:

Open your web browser and navigate to the AntMyERP login page.
Ensure you have admin or super admin rights, or the appropriate permissions to access the Settings.

Once logged in, locate and click on the “Settings” option.
Navigate to Templates:

Look for the “Terms and Condition” option and click on it.
Add a New Terms and Conditions:

To create new Terms and Conditions, click on the “+” icon and in the newly opended window click on dropdown menu, select a name of The Submodule to add the Terms and Conditions.Give a name to the Terms and Condition.
Under “Page Text,” input the terms and conditions you want to include.
Please note that the character limit for this section is 700 characters.
Save and Exit:

Once you’ve added the terms and conditions, click on the “Save and Create” button or “Save and Exit,” based on your preference.

The terms and conditions you’ve added will now appear in the respective sections of all your communications.
These terms will be included in communication documents such as Proposals, Proforma Invoices, Invoices, Purchase Orders, etc.

“The quotation is not appearing on the Quotation index page”. Please resolve this issue.


Log in to AntMyERP.
Navigate to CRM Sales Module.
Go to the Customer.
Search for the customer and click on the action icon, then select “Contract.”
On the contract page, search for the quotation number and click on it.
Once on the quotation page, click on the top edit icon.
Add the contact person’s name from the dropdown and save the changes.
Go to CRM Sales Module, select “Quotation,” and then choose “Pending Quotation.” The quotation will now be visible.

Why is some product not captured in AMC or Rental Proposal?


AMC, Rental and MPS Proposal not Captured Without serial number product, It captures Products which are added with serial number.


How to remove Added Product in Contracted Proposal inAntMyERP?


Product once contracted in proposal cannot be removed. Please create a new proposal.

While editing Proposal, How to change the Location in AntMyERP?


You cannot change creator branch and location in proposal, after proposal is created.


How to make changes of billing address of proposal in AntMyERP?


Changes in branches cannot be made after contract. Please terminate the old contract and create new proposalneed to change this proposal of contracted order to customer branch office from main office .

Why Branch not showing while adding AMC Contract product in AntMyERP?


Proposal you have selected yes for proposal for specific branch.Hence you are facing the issue. Corrected the same as Open Order and problem solved

Why MRP not coming while creating proposal in AntMyERP?


Go to settings/Masters/Sales/Product/Search Product and Edit add MRP Price field, then check Proposal Product price will be auto-fill of MRP

Unable to Add product in MPS proposal an error appears ‘This Product not in MPS Business’ in AntmyERP.


Go to Product category edit the category click on MPS.Fill the required field and save .Problem solved

How can sale scrape items through AntMyERP?


1.Create Sales Proposal of “0” amount of Scrap line item added in Proposal create contract and Outward this scrap.

2.Or else, you can create Inventory adjustment entry.

Contract number not showing in AntMyERP while adding client owned MPS device in contact in AntMyERP?


Go to Sales CRM Proposal/Contracted/Search the proposal and edit the changes to the Proposal for the device Owner as a Client save and book.then update the contract.

How we have to remove Annexure from Quotation in AntMyERP?


If you want to remove PDF uploaded in Annexures kindly edit the Proposal and save it.

Book/ Cancel tab is not visible in Pending Quotation Tab in AntMyERP?


Kindly use Manage Column and Hard Refresh to clear Caches.

How to change of GST category in AntMyERP?


If Invoice shows Tax – IGST you want to Add a GST then Edit Proposal and Update Contract Delete exiting invoice and regenerate to update Taxation changes in invoice.

How to add freight in Proposal in AntMyERP?


Edit the quotation add product as freight save and update contract and book the order.

Unable to add two product same Name in sales quotation of AntMyERP?


As discusssed same product cannot be added multiple times in a same quotation.Please create different quotations

How To change Taxation in Invoice in AntMyERP?


Taxation cannot be edited in invoice. Go to the proposal and edit and make the changes in taxation and save.accept the proposal and update the contract. Now delete the old invoice and generate new invoice. Problem is solved in the sales invoice tax portion is wrongly updated so need to edit.

What is character limit for payment terms in quotation and PO Of AntMyERP?


As discussed payment terms is a open field and you can add content as per requirement up to 100 chanractershow to add payment terms

How to change quotation Business type Rental to MPS?


You cannot change the business type of the proposal, after created


How do I convert a quotation into a proforma in AntMyERP?


Log in to AntMyERP.

Navigate to the CRM Sales module.

Click on “Quotations.”

Search for the quotation number for which you want to generate a proforma.

Click on the proposal number.

Alternatively, you can go to the action icon and select “View” to view the quotation.

Click on the double arrow icon pointing in opposite directions at the top.

This is the “Convert to Proforma” icon.

A proforma will be generated.

Check the generated Proforma.

Go back to the CRM Sales module. Click on “Quotations.”

From the dropdown menu, select “Proforma.”

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