Understanding Password

Passwords are something that should be highly confidential and not easy to hack. AntMyERP provides the features that are just right for you to protect your data


Changing Passwords by the Users

Navigate to Top Menu > Profile (Top Right )

Your Profile Page will open 

Enter the details in the mandatory fields. Create your own password as per company password policy

Click on the Update Profile button.


Enabling Securities Policy of the company

Navigate to Left Menu > Setting

Go on the Security Preference tab. 

You will be able to see the below options:


Restrict Login By IP Address

By checking this box and entering the IP address(es), the user will only be able to access ERP under those IP addresses.

Note: Multiple IP addresses can be filled.


Restrict Login by PC

By checking this box, the user can enter an approver’s name. By doing this, the approver will get an email to approve the usage of the ERP.

Note: Exclude Employee option field is used to enter the names of the employees for whom restriction can be excluded (either for restrict login by IP address or restrict login by PC).


2 Ways Verification

By checking this option and selecting the mode (email or text), the user can select the option to get the OTP after entering the password.

This is a two step authentication for higher security.


Password Strength

By checking this box, the users can set up a benchmark for the password. This means that the ERP will only take a strong combination of alphanumeric and special characters passwords, which would be difficult to hack.


Multi Login to User

If you enable this feature, any number of users can login at the same time from different devices.

For more stringent security, we recommend unchecking this.

After making the desired changes, click on Update.

Note : This setting is at the company level and hence this security will be enforced to all the users of the company.


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