Understanding Email Settings

An external SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server can be set up to send emails through AntMyERP. This can be helpful if you want to use your own email infrastructure or if you need an external SMTP server to better meet your email needs. This is how you set it up:



Navigate to the left menu > Settings.

Click on Settings

Under the Preferences settings, Check the Active Email and Manually Email boxes.

Select these.

Click on Update.


Configure the Email SMTP Setting

Navigate to the Left Side > Settings > Templates

Go to the Email SMTP Setting

Fill in Host and Port Field and other mandatory fields. 

Click Update. 


Note: Test the email by clicking on the test Email. If this testing process is passed, the emails will start going from the system. 


Note: Similarly, to send the manual email, select the manual option for sending out manual emails from the system. 


Note: With these steps completed, AntMyERP will be configured to send auto emails, including Approval Authorization emails.Please remember that accurate SMTP settings are crucial for successful email delivery.


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