Understanding Service Ticket System

An organization’s customer service software handles service tickets. This app sorts through customer requests as they come in. The app makes a ticket that contains information about what the customer wants and how they interact with the business.

AntMyERP offers a comprehensive Service CRM Suite that addresses every service aspect of your business.



Navigate to Settings > Service.

Under the Service Settings Preferences, Click all the Service Ticket related options.

Select them. 

Click on Update.



Navigate to Settings > User Roles.

Go to the Permissions tab.

Press Ctrl+F and enter the word Service Ticket. Enable all the permissions related to the Service ticket.

Click on Save.


Logging a Service Ticket

Go to Quick add and click on Service Ticket

A New service ticket form will open

Under the Requester type, type the name of the customer who called.

Note: Selecting a customer will show a dropdown, Once you select it, all the devices in the main branch will be shown in the contract. 

Select coordinator and Assignee

Auto Assign: When you put an auto assign in the assignee type section, the GPS turns on for 3 minutes and finds the nearest engineer for assigning the task. Whichever engineer accepts the ticket, it goes into their bin. 

Fill in all the mandatory fields.

Select the problem and Priority matrix. Enter the Reporting Tags

Add any special instructions if needed.

Click Save.

Once saved, a service ticket number will be created. 


Open Service Ticket 

Navigate to the Left Menu > Service > Open Service

From the dropdown menu, select Total Service.

Click on the search icon and input the ticket number into the ticket number field, then click the search icon.

The relevant service ticket will be displayed.

Click on the specific ticket number.

Within the ticket details, locate the option to Add Comment and select Reopen.

Provide the name of the assignee and save the ticket.

The ticket will now be reopened.

You can see all the data related to the service ticket in the total service report.

This is where you can find data about tickets that are Open, Solved, or Closed.

Also, you can find the different reports that are related to service tickets under service > Reports.


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