Understanding AMC 

An Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is a type of service agreement that takes care of and supports a piece of equipment or asset on a regular basis. It is used to make sure that the asset or piece of equipment stays in good shape and gets serviced and inspected on a regular basis.

You own the product, but you can use AntMyERP’s AMC service for it.


Create an AMC Quotation

Navigate to the Left Menu > CRM Sales >  Quotations

Click on the plus button and select “AMC”

Create an AMC quotation.

Enter the Company name and the display name of the Customer.

Add the customer’s company, address and branch name.

Enter the quotation creator and customer person representing the customer.

Add quotation date and period.

Select the standby if there is any or mark as “ not applicable’. add”at the end of not applicable

Select the preventive maintenance period. 

Add taxation.

Select delivery type from the dropdown options.

Click on Save.


Adding  an AMC Product

Navigate to the Left Menu > CRM Sales > Customers

To add or upload any customer, right click on the customer whose AMC contract has been made and click on its Contract. 

Its Contract will open

Click on the 3 dots and click on All Products

Click on the + sign.

Add AMC’s contract in the contract field.

Add the model & serial numbers present in the proposal.

To add the billing date, enter the date on which it is recorded in the ERP.

Click on the Save button.


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