FAQ on Sales Invoice 


If I modify the address of my contact, will that reflect in the invoices created for this contact in AntMyERP?


Yes. The changes will reflect in the invoices that have already been created. Also the Invoices that are created after the change will have the new address .


How can I attach files to the bills in Ant My ERP?


Go to Purchases select PO/Contracted Po or invoice pending/Select the po/Click on action /Invoice.Fill the details and upload vendor Invoice Click on invoice and Attach the bill


How can I print or download my bills from Ant My ERP in PDF in AntMyERP?


Go to Finance/Sales invoice/Search the invoice which you want to print.Go to action and click on Print.


How do I copy the bill I created in AntMyERP?


Go to Finance/Sales invoice/Search the invoice which you want to copy. Go to action and on Copy invoice and save.


Is it possible to use a repeated bill number in AntMyERP?


No, it is not possible to use a repeated bill number in AntMyERP. The system enforces a unique bill numbering system to ensure accurate tracking and organization of financial transactions. Each bill number must be distinct to prevent any potential confusion or errors in the record-keeping process.


How do I set my invoice due date?


The due date of an invoice can be set during the invoice creation by choosing the payment terms, labelled ‘Terms’ in the invoice creation page. The options available for selection are, credit period.


How do I mark an invoice as sent in AntMyERP?


Go to Finance/Sales invoice/Select the invoice and view and click on mail icon and send the mail


How do I monitor the status of my invoices in AntMyERP?


Go finance/Sales Register/You will find the status of invoice whether it is pending or paid


What are the various ways in which I can sort my invoices ? Where can I do this in AntMyERP?


You cannot sort the invoice


How do export invoices in AntMyERP?


To export invoices in AntMyERP, you can follow these steps:

Access the Finance Module: Log in to your AntMyERP account and navigate to the Finance module. This is typically where you handle financial transactions, including invoices.

Select Sales Invoices: Within the Finance module, locate and select the “Sales Invoices” option. This is where you can manage and view your sales invoices.

Choose an Invoice to Export: From the list of sales invoices, select the specific invoice that you want to export. Click on the invoice to open its details.

Access Actions Menu: Look for an “Actions” or “More Options” menu associated with the selected invoice. This menu often appears as three dots or a gear icon.

Select “Print” or “Export”: From the Actions menu, choose the “Print” or “Export” option. This action will prompt the system to generate a printable or downloadable version of the invoice.


Why are Customer Invoices not showing in pending list in AntMyERP?


You were selecting the wrong financial year.Corrected the same and problem sameTrying to call you but unable to connect.Please call me as you are available.


After making invoice unable to find in accepted list in AntMyERP?


Training Provided Accepted Invoice dispaly only current month invoice data, search perform all invoices data which you had search.


Sales proposal and contract created and Outward challan done but invoice not showing pending details in AntMyERP


Go to The quotation contracted/search and Edit the quotation/Make the Changes save/Book /Update the Contract and Generate the invoice


How to Add client PO number in Existing invoice of AntMyERP?


Go to Finance/Sales invoice/Select the invoice/Action/Edit invoice add the customer PO no and date and save.


How to Retrieve cancelled Invoice in AntMyERP?


Invoice once cancelled cannot be undone. Please create new invoice can it be undone.


New client bill not generate in AntMyERP?


This Client Proposal need to make changes as Invoiceing Period Monthly/Start of the Month and Invoiceing Type – Branchwise invoice to HO. Update this Contract and generate an invoice.

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