Understanding Sales Invoice

A sales invoice is an accounting document that is given to a purchaser in lieu of the purchase made by the seller. It records all the details of the sale made, primarily the payment details.



Navigate to the left menu > Settings > Settings.

Check the box Invoice Classic View.

Click on Update.



Navigate to Settings > User Roles.

Select the employee you want to give Invoice Permission to and scroll to the right.

Select Edit option from the Action dropdown menu.

Go to the Permissions tab.

Press Ctrl+F and enter the word Invoice. Enable all the permissions related to invoice.

Click on Save.


Sales Invoice

There are two types of sales invoice- automated and manual. Let us see how to generate both.

Navigate to Left Menu > Finance.

The left menu will change. 

Click on Sales Invoice.

Multiple tabs will appear.



The Accepted tab will show all the invoices that have been accepted.

The Invoice Generated column will show the mode whether it is automated or manual.



The Pending tab will show all the invoices generated in the system but not accepted yet. It will not be accepted until the invoice number is given.


Pending MPS 

This tab shows invoices exclusively for MPS businesses.



POS is the Point of Sales where invoice can be generated directly.



It shows all the canceled invoices. Canceled Invoice cannot be retrieved. 



It shows all the deleted invoices. However, we can generate the invoice even after it is deleted.


Generating Sales Invoice

Navigate to the left menu> Finance > Sales Invoice.

Click on the Generate Invoice. button on the top right hand corner.

A list of invoices that can be automatically generated will show up. Click on the desired option.

Enter the date in the pop up box that appears and click on Generate Invoice.

Note: It will show under the Pending tab now.


Generating Auto Invoice

Navigate to the left menu> Finance > Sales Invoice.

From the list of invoices that appear, click on the Invoice number for which you wish to view the details.

The details will appear. 

The invoice number is not generated until the finance team gives the approval. 

Once the Finance Team Accepts the invoice from the Change Status column, it will go under the Accepted tab and a number will be generated. This is the process of generating an auto invoice.


Generating Manual Invoice

Manual invoice is tax invoice.

Navigate to the left menu> Finance > Sales Invoice. 

Click on the Add Invoice (plus) button on the top right hand corner.

Click on Tax Invoice.

Fill in all the details manually. Invoice number can be changed along with the date.

Note: It is not connected to the Inventory – Stock  as it is a purely tax invoice.

Click on Save.


Generating a Semi- Auto Invoice

A semi-auto invoice is 50 % both, auto and manual. To generate semi-auto invoice, 

Navigate to the left menu> Finance > Sales Invoice. 

Click on the Add Invoice (plus) button on the top right hand corner.

Select the desired option from the drop down available.

Fill in all the mandatory fields. In this case it will be manual.

Note: The number of products listed in the contract will only be shown here. In case you need to add more products, you will need to add that in the contract first.

Click on Save.

To use the auto feature, click and run the clone to generate the invoice automatically.


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