Understanding Total Service Management

A Total Service Management Report is a comprehensive document that provides an overview and analysis of all service tickets generated in AntMyERP. It typically includes information such as the number of tickets opened, closed, pending, average resolution times, ticket categories, SLA and other relevant metrics. This report helps organizations assess their service performance, identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance customer support processes.


Permission for Adding Total Service Management

For adding a Total Service Management you must have super admin privileges or the necessary permissions.

To initiate the Permissions,

Navigate to the left menu > Settings.

Click on Users and Roles.

Search the user or group to whom you want to give  permission.

Click on the Action icon against the user or group and select Edit.

Go to permissions and allow permission for: 

Manage Ticket List

Manage all tickets

View ticket 

Open Service Ticket Analysis Report

Click on Save and exit.


View And Export Total Service Management

Navigate to the Left Menu > Service > Open Service.

You will land on the Open Service Listing page.

Go to Total Service.

Click on the Search Icon. You will find the different search parameters.

Fill your required Fields and click on the Search button.

The data will appear.

You can Export the data in Excel by clicking on the Export icon on the top right corner.


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