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“Serial Number Not Showing Stock” Error in AntMyERP Outward Challan Creation?


Q1: What does the error message “Serial number not showing stock” mean during challan creation?

A1: This error indicates that the specified serial number is not currently available in the inventory, preventing the creation of the challan.

Q2: Why am I encountering the “Serial number not showing stock” error?

A2: The error may occur due to reasons such as insufficient stock, incorrect serial number entry, blocked serial numbers, or system discrepancies.

Q3: How can I troubleshoot the “Serial number not showing stock” error?

A3: Follow these steps to troubleshoot the error: Verify correct serial number entry. Check for sufficient stock of the specified serial number. Refresh or update inventory data. Review MPS contract terms if applicable.

Q4: Can a typographical error cause the “Serial number not showing stock” error?

A4: Yes, entering an incorrect serial number can trigger the error. Double-check the accuracy of the serial number entry.

Q5: What should I do if I suspect a duplicate serial number issue?

A5: Investigate if the serial number you’re using is a duplicate of an existing one. Duplicate serial numbers can lead to confusion and inventory discrepancies.


How to cancel outward challan in AntMyERP ?


If AntMyERP does not allow you to edit or delete an outward challan once it is created,


Why “Mismatch Product in Challan” message display in Challan?


The ‘Mismatched Product in Challan’ message is displayed when there is a discrepancy between the products listed in the initial proposal and the products added to the challan in AntMyERP. This message serves as an alert to ensure accuracy in your records and transactions. If you encounter this error, it likely means that the product initially added to the proposal differs from the product later included in the challan. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

Identify the Mismatch: Review the products listed in both the proposal and the challan to identify the specific mismatch.

Edit the Proposal: Access the proposal associated with the challan and edit it to include the correct product. Make sure all relevant details, such as product code, description, and quantity, match the intended product.

Update the Challan: Once the proposal is corrected, go to the challan and ensure that you select the correct product that matches the updated proposal.

Save Changes: Save the changes to both the proposal and the challan.

Refresh or Reopen Challan: If the ‘Mismatched Product in Challan’ message persists, try refreshing the page or reopening the challan to ensure the latest changes are reflected.

Double-Check Details: Before finalizing, double-check that all product information across the proposal and challan is accurate and consistent.


How to Display Product Prices on Outward Challans in AntMyERP?


To display product prices on outward challans in AntMyERP, follow these steps based on the different scenarios:


For Outward Challans Auto-Created by Sales Order Process:

Access Price Settings: Go to “Settings” in AntMyERP and select “Operation.”

Configure Price Display: Find the “Price for Outward Challan” option and apply a checkmark to enable it. Save the updated setting.

Auto-Created Challans: When a sales order is processed, and outward challans are auto-created, the product prices will now be included in the challans.


For Manual Creation of Outward Challans:

Add Products: While manually creating an outward challan using the “+ Add Details” option, include the required product details including the serial numbers.

Add Price: After the serial number field, there should be an option to “Add Price for Challan.” Enter the product price associated with the challan.

Update and Save: Complete the challan details and save the information.

For Editing Challan Prices: List of Outward Challans: In the listing page of outward challans, find and select the specific challan where you want to add prices.

Edit Price Action: Look for the “Price” actions button and click on it.

Update Challan Price: Edit the challan price as needed and save the changes.


How to Export a List of Challans in AntMyERP?


To export a list of challans from AntMyERP, follow these steps: Login:

Log in to your AntMyERP account using your credentials.

Navigate to Reports: From the main menu, go to “Operations” and then select “Reports.”

Challan Register: Within the Reports section, locate and select “Challan Register.” This is where you can generate a report of challans.

Select Date Range: In the Challan Register, specify the desired date range by choosing the “From” and “To” dates. This helps you narrow down the list of challans you want to export.

Generate Report: After setting the date range, click on the “Generate Report” button or a similar option. This will generate a list of challans within the specified date range.

Export to Excel: Look for an export option. In this case, you mentioned an above up arrow icon located at the right header. Click on this icon to initiate the export process.

Download Excel File: The system will generate an Excel file containing the list of challans based on your specified date range. The file will be downloaded to your device.


Why Are All Challans Not Showing in the Delivery Register in AntMyERP?


If you’re unable to see all challans in the Delivery Register, it’s possible that the system’s status or filtering options are affecting the display.

Here’s an explanation of the situation you described:

Challan Status and Tabs:

Confirmed for Delivery Tab: Challans that have been confirmed for delivery are typically displayed in the “Confirmed for Delivery” tab within the Delivery Register. This tab shows challans that are ready for dispatch.

In Transit Tab: After dispatch, challans might move to the “In Transit” tab. This tab shows challans that are currently in transit or en route to their destination.

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